How to Get to Netflix on a Vizio TV?- Some Easy Steps

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Some Easy Steps for How to Get Netflix on a Vizio TV

How to Get to Netflix on a Vizio TV? For all the Netflix Subscriber, Vizio TV is a blessing. With the help of this Vizio TV it became very easy to stream online videos form Netflix as there is no need of connecting number of wires or any other accessories to that TV. Some easy steps for How to Get to Netflix on a Vizio TV?

You just need to have Netflix account and then subscribe yourself with any of plan and became the member of them and then automatically your Vizo television is ready to access Netflix movies.

In this Vizio HDTV there is Netflix ready as a part of it because of its Vizio Internet Apps Software and this result into easy accessible of Netflix on that TV and with some easy step you can watch movie on your TV.

Way to get to Netflix on a Vizio TV

  1. Do the power on of your Vizio TV and connect the TV to Home network.
  2. Now to proceed further choose the “network”  icon from the menu there on the screen and select the connection for wireless as for wired connection you need to have Ethernet cable which you need to connect to the back of your TV and other end of the wire to the Modem..
  3. Go to the Netflix app on your TV and then click “ok” there on the Vizio TV remote control and then click “yes” in order to get login to your Netflix account
  4. Type your activation code which you have received while signing in
  5. Now open to the Netflix activation page and provide that code and then click the “Activate” icon on you television and then you can easily stream videos from Netflix.

Important notes:

  • In case you disconnect your membership with Netflix then you won’t be able to stream videos from Netflix on your TV.
  • If your activation code for your Vizio TV for streaming  Videos from Netflix  is expired or forgotten by you then in that case you can get the new code to access Netflix on your TV and  for the same you need to connect the internet to your TV and then start Netflix app after going to VIA menu and then  provide your old activation code and when that code is not detected by the application you will be directed automatically to generate new activation code and then with that code you can stream videos from Netflix easily.
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