How to Connect an iPad to a TV for Netflix

Way to get Live Streaming Netflix for iPads

  1. Have you ipad on your hand and find the “app store” on the screen and go that that section.  After clicking the “app store” new screen will come where on right hand side of the screen at the top in the search bar type the “Netflix”.
  2. Now the list will come where choose “Netflix “and then click “free” icon and when this free icon change to “install” , then click the same and then they will ask you to provide your apple password, provide the same and click “ok” and then the installation process will automatically get completed.
  3. Now Netflix web page will ask you to provide your Netflix account login information where you have to provide your username and password and then use application navigation to find streaming content you wish to watch.
  4. Go through the list of your choice and select the item you want to watch and then press “play” icon.

Way to Connect an iPad to a TV for Netflix

  1. Connect your ipad with any of the audio/video output cable. It is advisable to have Apple Digital AV adapter in order to get Good HDMI video but you can also use other output cable like composite, component.
  2. Now connect the other end of the cable to your TV  video input
  3. Once the cable connection process is over than  where you have connected your ipad open that input channel 
  4. Now open the Netflix app on your Ipad and if it is not installed in your ipad then install the same from the “app store” and search Netflix and download from the website.
  5. Once the download process is over. Sign In  to your Netflix  account by providing  your username and password and if you have not created the account then create the same by clicking “create an account”
  6. Now you can go to the Netflix Instant watch library  where there are number of different movies and TV shows episodes , out of all  choose the one  you want to watch and then click “Play” button to start the movie.
  7. Now you can watch your favorite movie via ipad on your TV in a more convenient way.
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