Netflix Instant Queue Organize – Remove Movie from Queue

Way to Remove a Movie from a Netflix Queue

To remove movie from a Netflix queue you need to have computer, internet access and account with Netflix and thereafter you can remove any number of movie you want remove from your Queue.

Visit the website of and sign in to your account.

New web page will open in which choose “your queue”.

Now under this queue on right side of the screen mark the “remove” box. Here you can mark numbers of movie at one time.

Now  at the bottom of the page click the icon stating “Update your Queue”  and all your  selected movies will get remove from the queue

Important note:
If you have more than one queue at Netflix then make sure that you have open the correct queue from which you want to remove the movie.

Way to organize you Netflix Instant queue

It is very important that you should keep on organizing Netflix Instant queue so that with time you can make changes in your queue whether you want to delete any movie title or your want to move the title of the movie from top to bottom.

Go to the homepage at and sign in to your account by providing your username and email address.

Now click the “your Queue” icon to view the instant queue.

Go through the list of movie which is their in your Instant queue  after clicking “Instant”.

Now here you can move you movie from bottom to top by clicking “top” icon and for deleting click the “X” in the “remove” column.

Click “update Instant Queue” and changes which you have made to your queue will be saved.

Way to check Netflix queue at your home

Visit the website and sign in to your account by providing your username and password and click “continue” icon.

Now on the top of the webpage click the icon stating “instant Queue” or DVD Queue”. Now you can check Netflix queue easily and also can report a problem, rate title in your queue and change the list order.
Important note.

At your home in your device download Netflix queue at By this you can view Netflix DVD queue without opening Netflix website.

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