Way to Set Up Netflix on Your Internet Ready TV

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Setup Netflix on Internet Ready TV

Setup Netflix on Internet Ready TV:Netflix is a website which allows its subscriber to stream online video. For streaming videos from Netflix one just need to have internet connection on any of the device like a computer, play station, or any other TV. You can get the internet connection through wired broadband connection or through Wi-Fi.

Now it depend on your choice which connection you choose but as new technology kept on coming to the TV like LCD or LED has Internet app installed in it from the beginning which in technology term known as Internet-ready TV and to watch Netflix movies on Internet-ready TV one just need to have its account and subscribe with any of plan.

Way to set up the Netflix application

• Connect Internet cable into the back of the Television or connect the television to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

• Now once the cable is connected, press the internet button there on the TV remote control and then select the Netflix application.

• Now follow the procedure there to confirm that you have Netflix account and thereafter you will get the activation code and in case if you don’t have Netflix account then follow the procedure there to go to Netflix website and create the account.

• Now go to the Netflix website on your computer and activate the device i.e. Television there and start streaming video service on the TV thereafter.

• Now again sign into the Netflix account and there at the bottom of the page click the icon stating “How to watch Netflix on Your TV”.

• There they will ask you to provide the activation code which you have received earlier, provide the same and after some time Netflix will give you the notification that you’re Internet-ready TV are ready to stream videos.

• Now go to the “watch Instantly” icon and choose the movie you want to stream and then add the same into the queue and then log out from your account.

• Now take the TV remote control on hand and press the internet app button and chose the Netflix icon to start the application there.

• Choose the movie from your instant watch queue which you want to watch and then after sometime streaming video will begin and you can watch the movie on your Internet Ready TV.

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