Kroger Sales Circular: Kroger Weekly ad Cincinnati

Kroger Sales Circular: Kroger Weekly ad Cincinnati

Kroger Sales Circular: Kroger likes that its weekly ad reaches maximum people and so it has made the weekly ad available online. Anybody with access to the internet can access it. The ad includes all the latest deals, offers, promos, discounts, etc. By viewing the ad, you come to know about the latest offerings and it makes your shopping a smart choice.

You can go through the ad and find the things that interest you and are available at a great price. It will help you decide on what you will be buying and at what price before you step into the store. You can view the Kroger Weekly Ad at

If you go through the ad carefully, you can save a lot. is a web portal where you will find weekly ads for the majority of well-known stores. Kroger also places its weekly ad containing all the offers and circulars on it regularly.

Kroger Sales Circular

Kroger is one of the popular chains of retailers in the United States that include supermarkets, Department stores, hypermarkets, convenience stores, mall jewelry stores, etc and operates in 31 US states. It was founded by Bernard Kroger in the year 1883. It is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It operates about 2,625 stores either directly or through its subsidiaries. Kroger is ranked as the largest supermarket chain in the US by revenue and the second-largest general retailer. It is also the 23rd largest company. It is the fifth largest retailer in the world.

How to Save with the Kroger Weekly Ad

You just have to browse through the ad carefully and find out what item you will save and by what amount. If you come across an item offered at less price and if you are interested in that item, make a note of it. Then you can take the list and go to the store to make a purchase. It will save you time as well as money as you exactly know what you will be buying when you go to the store.

Kroger stores have multiple departments. They sell groceries, jewelry, toys, books, movies, music, meat, seafood, Pizza, toys section, electronics, home appliances, bed and bath, home furnishings, pet care items, health and beauty products, natural food, etc. You will get the best quality products at the much-discounted price at Kroger.

It also includes in-store banking and provides a number of visa prepaid debit cards that comes with various rewards. You can even cash your government and payroll checks. You can pay various money bills with the help of Kroger money services.

It is a public company and is listed on NYSE and one of the S & P 500 components.

If you want to know more about the company, its products, its statements, products, discounts, and special offers, you can visit To find a store nearest to you or anywhere else, you can use the tool “Store Finder” provided on the website. You can also select a store option to select a specific store and find out what are products available at that store.

You can order bakery products, flowers, and jewelry online. You can gift a Kroger gift card to your friends, family members, or anybody else on any occasion. By giving a gift card, one can buy whatever one wants or something he/she wanted to buy from a Kroger.

How to Keep Updated with the Kroger Weekly Ad

To get the benefits of the weekly offers, you must have to keep yourself updated on them. You follow the steps given below for it.

  1. You visit the website at
  2. To select the store you would like to shop at, provide the location of the store by entering the city name or zip code. You will also have to mark whether you will go five or more miles away from the location you have entered.
  3. Click on the option “View Weekly Ad”.
  4. View the complete ad by scrolling down. If you want to display more information about any of the products, move the mouse over its picture, and information about it will be displayed.
  5. You can always write down the items you are interested in buying, but you need to write some details too. Kroger helps the customer with this and allows making an online shopping list. You just have to select the items by clicking on the circle. You can print the list, only items selected will be printed.

If you want to purchase various items and looking for great deals and discount offers, Kroger is the right choice. You can find out about the discounts and deals by going through weekly ads provided by Kroger. Read more articles on rozyjos.