How to Improve Video Quality Better on Netflix?

How to Improve Video Quality Better on Netflix?

How to Improve Video Quality Better on Netflix?

While watching Movie on any of your device from Netflix you always want to have good Image quality in order to watch your favorite movie with a clear image, so for the same you need to keep some points in your mind. Here we get tips for how to improve video quality on netflix.

This is a website which is liked by all those people who are fond of watching movies sitting at home as it has thousand of movie available for its subscriber on rental basis and for watching those movie one has to create account with Netflix and should have any of the device which has Netflix download in it namely Xbox, play station 3, i phone.

Important Notes:

  1. To stream videos from Netflix, it is very important to have internet with high speed and so you should connect internet to your device that allows you to download speed of at least 3 megabits per seconds.
  2. It is advisable to use HDMI cable to connect digital device to the TV or monitor as HDMI cable is best for streaming video quality.
  3. Component video cable is also one of the good options to get good image quality.
  4. Try to disconnect other device from Internet in order to stream videos with good quality image.
  5. For watching movies from Netflix use High resolution television or screen .1080p resolution is considers as standard as of 2010 which Netflix provide
  6. While streaming videos it is advisable to reduce in-home connection to the web like computer, mobile phones etc.

Way to improve video Quality on Netflix Instant Streaming:

  • If you are watching movie on computer by connecting Wi-Fi internet to it then you need to bring that computer closer to wireless router.
  • Advisable to connect computer with wired Ethernet connection in order to stream videos in better way.
  • While watching movie from Netflix by streaming video try to close other programs as other program may reduce t he speed of internet which ultimately create problem in streaming videos.
  • Try to use high speed internet and if you don’t have internet with high speed then you need to ask your internet provider to upgrade your internet plan to avoid problem.
  • Remove all temporary internet files, cookies and other data which is not useful from your computer hard drive so that it become easy to stream video faster.


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