How to Install Netflix for Streaming in Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Netflix – How to Play Streaming Netflix on Linux Ubuntu

Way to Install Netflix

  1. You can Install Netflix  on different devices, and when you are beginning your installation procedure on your particular device, connect the same with internet in order to make “Netflix ready” for that device
  2. You can find Netflix programs on many marketplaces or shop for particular device like it can be found in Xbox Video marketplace, PS3 “What’s new” Section and the Wii’s Wii shop. Out of all devices chose the one on which you are going to install Netflix.
  3. Go to the particular program and follow the instruction given there and wait till  the installation procedure is completed
  4. Once the installation procedure is completed, you can login to you account by using your username and password.
  5. In return you will get the activation code and that activation code is to be typed into your account before it can be used on that particular device.

Way to Play Streaming Netflix on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Visit the website of Boxee at and click the icon “Make a tab” and click “Download” 
  2. Now go to the menu and under the sub heading “What kind of device do you use” select “other” and then click “Ubuntun Linux” option.
  3. New web page will open in which you have to fill the registration information and then click “Go on”. Here you have the choice to skip this step but then you have to register within the boxee application and then the download procedure will start.
  4. Now launch boxee application from your Linux computer.
  5. There you have to provide the email address and password you have used while registering and then click “sign in”
  6. From the main menu of boxee choose “apps” button and then select Netflix” app and click “start” , where you will be directed to go to particular URL
  7. Again open the webpage and type that particular URL 
  8. Now open  Netflix homepage and  click “Authorize” or “Activate” button which will connect to the boxee software
  9. Go back to Boxee client and choose “App” option. Now click “Netflix” and then click “start”. Now you can search the movie you want to search from the Netflix and when you decide the title of the movie from the list click “play” and it will begin streaming.
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