How to Negotiate My Hospital Bill and Surgery Cost?

Negotiate with Hospital Bill and Surgery Cost

Negotiate hospital bills: Without health insurance coverage, life of a patient in a hospital ruined the budget of common people. Admission in special emergency service costs about $12000 a day. Normally, it is difficult to pay this amount for a single day especially when there is no health coverage. Here we will discuss on how to negotiate with hospital bill and surgery cost? However, it is possible to receive a sufficient discount off the full charge rate after negotiation and this trick applies to all insured, under-insured and uninsured people.

Cash discount medical bill

Some patients may receive discount from 20% to 60%. If anyone pays the bill within 30 days, he might receive another 20% discount off on full price of treatment and medications. Other than quick pay in cash, there are other ways also to reduce medical bill.

A health insurance provider at Cinergy Health says that majority of doctors feel happy to negotiate by arranging a payment plan rather than lowering the billing amount. The right way is to get a scheme from medical provider, shop around and negotiate an acceptable rate in advance.

Due to government plan, Medicare might be too low or too high because it is the largest payer in the country and get nice discounts. But Medicare is the best baseline to see if charges are reasonable or what the target range is. People can also hire a service of negotiators.

These are the people who review medical bill, contact doctor or other provider and request for lower price. They put charges for negotiation service on behalf of patient. Generally they charges nearly 25% amounts they saved on medical bills and it is totally worth. Hospital bills are rarely straight forward because they never estimate the costs prior to admission.

Many times hospital bills contain errors with extra charges that can’t catch eyes immediately unless read in detail. If like situation came to know or you can’t understand any content or treatment or service charge, contact insurance agent and go to his office with bills for clarification.

Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals is a group of professionals and function in insurance and medical billing. They can negotiate with hospital on patient’s behalf. They may charge fee on hourly basis or a percentage of total bill amount. However, these groups or negotiators do not carry license for providing this kind of services so that whenever seek for a negotiator, check them carefully and compare its terms with others.

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