FMLA Eligibility Checklist: Family and Medical Leave Act Forms

FMLA Eligibility Checklist: Family and Medical Leave Act Forms

FMLA Eligibility Checklist: In this age of competition, employers are often too strict about granting leaves to employees. There are consequences when you may lose the job failing to attain the office hours for high-level performance. If your organization is covered by the FMLA provisions, here are some important facts to know when applying for a leave.

Herein is an overview of the FMLA, leave eligibility conditions allowing the employees to take a temporary unpaid break without the risk of job loss.

FMLA Eligibility ChecklistWhat is FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) federal law provision was introduced in 1993 by the US government. It provisions all covered employers to grant job-protected leave. The employees get only unpaid leave under this Act on qualified medical grounds or family matters. The Act provides job security (if under a leave for qualified reasons) and protects the civil rights of the employees at any covered organization.

An employer or organization can get FMLA coverage if it has 50 or more employees in the company staying within a 75-mile radius from the workplace.

Obligatory Eligibility Conditions for FMLA Leave

Under the FMLA unpaid leave Act; the employees can seek leave for any of the qualified family issues or medical reasons for a period of up to 12 weeks during which the organization has to grant job-protected leave.

Childbirth and Newborn Baby Care

Both parents can take leave under this provision. The time span can range anywhere from childbirth until the toddler grows 1 year old.

Adoption and Foster Child Care

The 12-week time span is also allowed for the parents adopting the foster child to allow upbringing, relationship development with the kid, and so on. The time span will range anywhere from the date of adoption up to 1 year.

Medical Care for Immediate Family Members

The coverage under this provision is limited to immediate family members only- children, spouse, and parents.

Employees with Accident, Injury, or Illness

The time off under this category is allowed when the employee is under severe injury or medical treatment and unable to perform the duties at the workplace.

Military Exigency

This FMLA leave is granted to employees with immediate family members-spouse, parents, or children in military services. The term ‘Exigency’ pertains to the condition when the family member in military service may have to oblige with the deployment notice to any foreign location for service provision.

Such deployment may be under short notice when the other family member is bound to take a leave for shifting or other work. Under FMLA conditions, the leave can be granted to any two of the family members.

Special Provision of Extended 26 Weeks Leave in 12 Months (Military Care Giving)

This provision is available for employees having military service members in the immediate family or kin with no other such family support.

If the service member (either an immediate family member or kin with no immediate family member) is suffering from serious injury or illness where medical and non-medical caregiving is necessary, the employee can seek the FMLA leave up to an extended period of 26 weeks within a calendar year.

In order to qualify for the FMLA leave, the employee must also fulfill the following conditions:

  • The employee must have been in the service in the covered company for at least 12 months before applying under the FMLA leave
  • The employee must have completed a minimum of 1250 hours of work within the 12 months of service before the starting date of the FMLA leave

Wrapping It Up,

FMLA provisions job protection to the employees who are seriously in need of leave for medical causes and serious family consequences as stated above. However, the law also binds the employees and any sort of violation of the FMLA rights for unfair reasons may attract penalization and legal action. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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