Kilimanjaro Climb Cost: Kilimanjaro Training Program, Routes, Time and Date

Kilimanjaro Climb Package Cost: Kilimanjaro Training Program, Routes, Time and Date

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost: Kilimanjaro Training Program, Package, Routes, Time and Date 2018: Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is the destination for mountaineers. It is a challenging and daunting task to hike to the peak. Two seasons suitable for climbing Kilimanjaro are January-March and June-October. During, January-March probably you will encounter snow on the summit. In your quest to conquer roof of Africa, you need to be physically fit and mentally prepared to cross the hurdles and meet challenges. Your preparedness will help you preserve your adventure. You need to gather all possible information to before you plan to climb the mountain.

Kilimanjaro Climb CostKilimanjaro Climb Cost

There are several factors that affect cost of Kilimanjaro Climb which include size of the group, route taken, number of days, accommodation in tent/room, accommodation sharing, meal, providing route tracker, medical facilities and other facilities. There are several operators who offer different packages with different facilities. Usually, standard package starts from $1,400. offers three packages; standard package, superior package and deluxe package. These packages offer different services and prices. The packages are:

  • Standard package is economical and starts with $1,400 but varies according to the group size and number of days. It doesn’t include air transfer and the journey starts from Moshi town; it includes two nights budget hotel and breakfast.
  • Superior package is offered at starting price of about $1,600 excluding air transfer. The journey starts from Moshi town and the package provides for 2 nights 3 star hotel, breakfast, bed and dinner, 3 litres water everyday, route tracker, first aid kit, flying doctors membership and complimentary daily facebook photo updates.
  • Luxury package is somewhat costlier and includes airport transfer. The journey stats from Anusha town. It provides for 2 nights 5 star hotel, breakfast, bed and dinner, 3 litre water everyday, route tracker, portable toilet rental, first aid kit, flying doctors membership and complimentary daily facebook photo updates.

Kilimanjaro Training Program

Climbing Kilimanjaro requires you to have physical endurance and mental stamina. You need to train yourself for it. Some of the essential training you should include is:

Aerobic training: Aerobic exercise like walking, long distance jogging, swimming, and cycling increases aerobic metabolism. It builds strong cardiovascular system which helps you in an environment with limited oxygen supply at high altitude. If you are not much fit, you need 3-6 month training program. For relatively fit people, 1 month aerobic training regime is recommended.

Strength Training: You need to undergo light strength training, specifically legs, core and upper body training. Strength training exercise includes lunges, squats, step aerobics, front and reverse leg curls, sit-ups, shoulder presses, back and shoulder flies, kettle-bell rows etc.

Practice Hiking: Kilimanjaro climbing is kind of a long hike. The best way to prepare for it is to practice few hikes. You should take one or two long hikes on difficult terrain. It will help you find your strength and weakness and you can intensify exercises needed to improve it.

Mental Stamina: During climbing summit, there comes times that you would feel like giving up and return. Mental stamina helps you overcome it. You have to incorporate activities such as running long distance or running a marathon as a part of your training program to increase your mental stamina.

To conclude, if you have willingness and commitment, you can train yourself and climb Kilimanjaro regardless of your physical condition or age.

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