Big Files Transfer: Send Big Files Free Online

Big Files Transfer: Send Big Files Free Online

Big Files Transfer:  We all know that sometimes it’s getting very stuck while we want to share a large video file secretly to our friends or relatives or clients. At the time email attachment doesn’t support these large size video file because it has a size limitations.

However, you just need not worry. There are some sites that allow you to send these large-size files for free. You just have to log into the account and create a strong password to protect your file.

Sending large files by email can be a painful experience and it needs so much amount of your time. A problem occurs when you send file of size above 50 to 100 MB. Therefore you should have to use the sites which can support large size file to send it. Nowadays there are numerous options if free websites to send large sizes. Thus it becomes a big deal for you.

Here are some websites given by which you can send your large size files to your friends and relatives as mention below.

  • Dropbox:

Dropbox is one of the most well known websites which resorts to send your large size file. It is the best file sharing tool. You would probably find your friends or clients already have installed this tool and also familiar to operate it very well.

To use the Dropbox you just have to register an account with it. It is a free to register. Once you have registered you can log into your account and share your files. It’s good news that there is no expiration period as you can store your files as long as you want and send it to your clients or friends without worrying.

  • Sendspace:

With the Sendspace you can anyway send your large size files. If you have lost your file cause of any internet problems sometimes it will try its best to find it for you. It’s also having a drag and drop features.

  • WeTransfer:

WeTransfer makes very easy for you to send large size file to your clients. It’s one of the most well known sites. You can send file up to 2 GB per transfer. At the time you can upload and send files as often as you need up to 20 people. You can also download link and send mail it to your friends and it will be activated for seven days as it’s an ample of time period for your friends to download it.

  • Dropsend:

DropSend is one of the best options to send large files to your relatives or friends or clients for free. You can send files up to 2 GB by using jpegs, MP3s and pdfs. It’s very safe and simple to use. You need not install any software to use it. It is available with 256-bit AES security.

  • Gigasize:

Gigasize allows you to upload and send files to your friends up to 300 MB in size. It will cost you a little amount as it depends on how long you sign up for it. You can store your file in your online account up to 2 GB.

  • Conclusion:

As it can be said that to send a large size files to your clients or friends now becomes very easy and quick through the websites as prescribed below. Apart from these there are many other websites available like Mediafire, Senduit, Wiki send, Infinite, Filebanker and much more. You may use any from one of them and send the large-size files in jpeg or Mp3s forms. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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