AT&T Union Plus Discount: Members Plus Credit Union Credit Card

AT&T Union Plus Discount: Members Plus Credit Union Credit Card

AT&T Union Plus DiscountAT&T Union Plus Discount: The Union Plus members have access to several discounts on restaurant deals, great insurance coverage, real estate benefits and much more. If you have the membership too, then there is a chance to save potential money on AT&T monthly wireless internet and phone services.

Herein is a brief overview of Union Plus AT&T discount privileges that can help you to save more while using quality internet and telecommunication services.

AT&T Discount and Provisions for Union Plus Members

Massive Discounts

When Union Plus members purchase selected handsets or accessories at the AT&T stores, they will get a discount of 20% on these products. The company also offers 15% waiver on the monthly bills if the members choose any of the qualified wireless data plans.

Different Qualified Data Plan Options to Choose

The data consumption is never the same for all. Eyeing this factor, AT&T offers different qualified plans at discount rate for the Union members. The plan subscribers can choose from 10GB, 6GB and 3GB wireless monthly packages depending on the requirements.

Get $25 off on Activation Charges when You Choose from Selected Devices

Using the Union Plus discount coupon, you can save $25 on the activation fee by choosing from the selected devices. To avail of the offer, you can either apply online or visit the nearest AT&T store.

Rebates of Up to $250 for Union Plus Credit Card Users

The Union Plus members switching to AT&T or looking to upgrade their mobile handsets can get up to $250 on rebates by paying with the Union Plus credit card. If you are using this card, this could be the chance to purchase your next dream phone at a special price.

The Convenience of Choosing AT&T Wireless Internet

AT&T offers reliable and high-quality wireless internet services at affordable prices. This is even greater for AFL-CIO Union Plus members who get further discounts and service benefits. Over 150,000 Union members work at various AT&T stores across America. This allows the Union members to find community support very easily when they appear at any of the branches for assistance or enrollment.

How to Get the Union Plus AT&T Discount

  1. Visit the Union Plus’ AT&T discount webpage at
  2. On the right side of the page, click on the yellow tab- ‘Download the Coupon’ to get your coupon
  3. Visit your nearest authorized AT&T store
  4. You must carry the Union Plus membership card and the coupon to the store. Provide the documents to the store executive to enroll for the discount offers.

Alternatively, you can also start the enrollment process online on the webpage mentioned above.

Not AT&T Customer Yet- Switch to a Qualified Plan Now to Enjoy the Union Plus Discounts

If you are not an AT&T customer but have the Union Plus membership card, start the enrollment process by switching to any suitable qualified that suits your needs. You can either start the new enrollment process online or visit the nearest store.

Some Aspects to Consider

  • All discounts and special offers stated above are subject to terms and conditions as imposed by AT&T.
  • The discount on monthly bills is available for qualified plans only. Only qualified union members with the Union Plus membership card are eligible for availing these offers.

Wrapping It Up,

AT&T offers excellent wireless internet services to over 99% of American customers. With the Union Plus AT&T discount, you can save more on monthly bills by choosing qualified wireless internet plans, purchasing selected phones/ accessories at special affordable prices, and much more.

Any existing AT&T customer having the Union Plus membership can opt to enroll for the discounts by following the above-mentioned steps. If you have the Union Plus membership card but do not have an AT&T wireless connection, get started by switching to any of the qualified plans today to enjoy these amazing discount benefits. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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