How to get Netflix on the wii and Watch Movies on your Wii

How to get Netflix on the wii: Netflix is very well known website for its business of providing DVDs of Movies and TV shows episodes on rental basis. One can access this service on number of device namely Playstation3, Xbox 360, Wii console. How to get Netflix on the wii it is very easy one just need to follow some simple steps:

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How to get Netflix on the wii


  • Visit the website at and sign in to your account and if you don’t have then create the account.
  • Now connect internet to your Wii console and then access the Wii shop channel on that console.
  • There choose Netflix from Wii shop channel and if it is not getting then go to “start Sopping” and search it.
  • Now on that page download Netflix by clicking “Free” button.
  • To locate that download file choose Wii System memory” and then follow the procedure given there.
  • Once the download is over, again go back to Wii menu and there select Netflix channel , there activation code is displayed which will be used to activate your Wii with Netflix.
  • Now get logged in to your account and there enter the code which you have received in before step and then click “activate” button.
  • Now once the activation procedure is over you will find Netflix queue and library available on Wii.

Way to watch Netflix Movies on Your Wii


  •  Start the Nintendo Wii and there press the Wii button.
  • Go the Wii settings and go to the second page in Wii setting menu.
  • Choose “Internet/connection 1: None/wireless connection/ search for an Access point/ ok” in order to search Wireless network.
  • Once the list appears select wireless network and enter your Network security key and then click “ok”
  • Click “ok”, “save setting” and “yes” and once the test is completed click  on “yes” button.
  • Now again go to the Nintendo Wii main menu and click “wii shop channel” and click “start” and there provide Nintendo username and password and then go to “Link” icon and select “Don not Link”
  • Choose Start Shopping/Wii channels/ Netflix Instant streaming for Wii/ Free O wii point.
  • Now go to the “Wii system memory “ and click “ok and then “yes” and go directly to the main menu
  • Choose “Netflix Instant Streaming” and then press “start”
  • Enter the mail address and password and sign in to your account
  • Click “continue” to link your Netflix to your Wii and complete your procedure.

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