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How to Watch NFL Games on My Android Phone?

NFL fans love to watch NFL games on Android Phone and they don’t like to miss Sunday games. Though you want to stay home and want to enjoy watching Sunday match, it happens many times that you need to go out. But you still can manage to watch NFL game on the go; you have several options available to keep up. Here are some of the options for watching NFL on your phone while on the go:

Watch NFL Games on Android Phone

Verizon NFL Mobile

Verizon customer can download and install NFL Mobile app on their phone and enjoy watching the game. The app is available for iOS as well as Android devices. You can watch all prime-time matches and local matches at nominal price of $1.99 a month. You can enjoy watching not only Sunday NFL games but Thursday and Monday night games too. People who are using other carrier services can view some highlights and updates through the free version of the app.

Sling TV

Sling Blue package from Sling TV services offers 40+ channels for $25 a month which includes sports channels such as ESPN, CBS, FOX. You can stream prime-time NFL games on your Android or iOS device, tablet, laptop while on the go and enjoy the games. You can also opt for little less expensive package Sling Orange from Sling TV at $20 a month which include ESPN channel. You can stream NFL on it and enjoy watching your favorite game.

YouTube TV

You get all major channels such as ESPN, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC on YouTube TV. It is little expensive; you will have to pay $35 a month. You can enjoy almost all the Sunday and primetime games through it. You can stream it on iOS as well as Android games.

DirecTV Now

Direct TV provides all major networks including popular sports channels. Direct TV services can be streamed on your iOS as well as Android mobile devices; you can stream and enjoy almost all NFL games while you are on the move.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon offers Thursday Night Football game streaming services to its Amazon Prime subscribers. It can be streamed through its Amazon Prime Video App iOS as well as Android devices. It doesn’t offer Sunday and Monday NFL games; you have to look for it from some other services.

Watch Online on

You can stream live NFL games on your mobile at the website online or on demand. You can also game replays in about 40 minutes of the game containing condensed feature of the game. You can sign up for free trial at the website.

Cable Subscribers

Cable subscribers can also stream and watch NBC Sports, Fox Sports Go and ESPN on iOS and Android phones. You can download related apps to stream live games on your phone. You have to login to your cable subscription account with your login credentials.