Ways to Make Money on the Outside with a full-time job

Ways to Make Money on the Outside with a full-time job

Ways to Make Money on the Outside with a full-time job: Due to the raise in the cost of living in the U.S. for many years, about 14 million people in America are not at work still and many others have to take part-time jobs to get income.

They make money from various resources as given under. Here we will discuss ways to make extra money online and creative ways to make money from outside work with a full-time job.

Advertising and Public Relations Services:

There is a total of 462,300 jobs in this sector in the U.S. and around 12% are part-time jobs. They get hourly wages from $10 to $20 by doing work like freelance writing, product demonstration, and promotion.

Motion Picture and Video Industries:

Many small and medium-sized independent filmmaking companies have a demand for entertainment content. There are around 361,000 people are engaged with this and worked as ushers, freelance writers, and amateur filmmakers, which get them hourly wages up to $7.76 to $9.39.

Computer Systems Design and Related Services:

Only 6% of workers are employed part-time in computer systems where there are 1.45 million clear jobs. Most of its work is commission based such as setting up websites and networks for small businesses. The average part-time wage is $16.18 to $33.79 per hour.

Publishing (Non-software):

There are about 618,900 jobs in this sector and 17% of them are engaged in part-time jobs and earned around $14.27 to $17.75 per hour as wages. Common posts in this sector are writer, graphic designer, customer sales representative, etc.


8% of jobs are part-time from 2.3 million jobs in the insurance sector which means that about 184,700 people are doing part-time jobs in this sector. Increasing new technology and the growth of telephone and Internet sales have opened up the field to those who are not able to do full-time jobs.

Child Daycare Services:

Due to working parents, the demand for child daycare services increasing day by day. These jobs are available for teachers, nurses, and also for young adults who cannot find other employment. Moreover, they also get jobs at summer camps and child enrichment programs.

Grocery Stores:

This has the largest part-time work of any industry. People are taking positions of cashier, stock clerk, counter service, and salesperson which earn them $8 to $9.97 hourly.

Clothing, Accessory, and General Merchandise Stores:

This field has extremely high part-time workers. Though it has the most popular position of retail salesperson, it earns relatively low according to its position.

Health Care:

Many health care offices are open 24 hours a day and therefore require employees for 24 hours. Due to the need for shift work, nurses and orderlies join additional part-time jobs to supplement their incomes.

Food Service and Drinking Places:

People looking for extra work can work as wait staff, hosts, dining room attendants, fast-food employees, or bartenders in the food service industry as well as in restaurants and bars. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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