Reset or Change Netflix Account on Xbox

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How to Change Netflix Account on Xbox

To avail, the benefit of this service one needs to have Netflix on your Xbox 360. To reset a Netflix Account on Xbox 360 follows the below procedure:


  • Open the Netflix account on your computer and click the icon stating “Your Account and Help”
  • Now below on that web page click the icon “Watching Instantly on your TV or computer”
  • Find the Xbox360 on the list and click “deactivate” icon.
  • Again come back to the “Your Account and Help” and click the icon stating “Activate Your Netflix ready Device”. There you have to provide the code which will come one your Xbox soon.
  • Click the icon Netflix on your Xbox 360 and as you are already member of Netflix click the icon “Yes I am”
  • Give the activation code and provide the same on your Xbox and click “Activate”.

Change or Reset Netflix Account on Xbox

Sometimes it also happens that you want to make some changes to your Netflix account or you want to change the account so in that case following are the steps to proceed:


  1. Press the power button of Xbox 360 to on and then press the “guide button”.
  2. Now the menu will open where on the left side of the menu you need to navigate the “Setting” icon and then below select the “system setting”  and then press A.
  3. Now you have to select “Memory” than “hard Drive” and finally click the Games icon. By doing this a list will come. Now delete the entries with the word “Netflix” as by doing this your account will get deleted from Xbox 360.
  4. Log in to Netflix account connected with your Xbox 360 console and choose the “Netflix Ready device activation” under the Account page and then select the xbox360 and after selecting the Xbox click the icon “deactivate in order to remove the link between your Xbox and Netflix account.
  5. Now find the Xbox live marketplace and downloads the Netflix instant queue and after the download is over, again visit the Netflix on your computer and log into the new account you want to use on your xbox360.

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