Request to Close Walmart Money Card Account

How to Cancel/Close a Walmart Money Card?

The Walmart Money card is a prepaid debit card which is issued by the Walmart stores on the request of the customer. Here we will discuss on how to send a request to close Walmart Money Card Account. It is issued by the Green Dot Corp. With the help of this money card it become very convenient for the customer to purchase anything from anywhere; there is no purchase transaction fee.


Walmart Money Card

With this card you can carry on your transaction on the internet easily. One can use the same card at restaurants; can buy airlines tickets and many more. It depend on the customer when he has to cancel the Walmart Money Card as to cancel the same one need to directly contact the card’s customer service center or he can send the request letter to walmart through Mail.

Cancelling of Card by Calling

  • Call on Walmart Money Card Customer Service number at 877-937-4098
  • Then press number 4 on your telephone ,by pressing this number they will connect you with the customer support center
  • The system automatically will ask you to provide some of information connecting with the Money Card that is Walmart Money Card number, etc by providing the requested information you will be connected to Customer support agent.
  • Communicate with the agent and inform him that you want to cancel the Walmart Money Card. Then they will ask you, some identifying question such as birth date, address , social security number, so that the agent can confirm about the name of the account holder in order to cancel the same
  • Once the card is cancel you can discard the card as per your wish

Close your Walmart Money Card Account by Mail

  • Write a letter to the Walmart Money Card Customer service requesting to close the Money card account and also mention the account number, your name, address and telephone number
  • Also Write the Address of the Walmart Money card’s customer service address on the envelope and affix the proper postage to the envelop
  • After following the above activity , wait till you receive either a phone call in which they will confirm with you whether you want to close the account or no and also you have to provide some of personal information such as Social security number, date of birth, name, address so that they can verify the account holder or you can receive the letter from the company in which they will inform you that your account was closed as per your request

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