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ABC Reading Eggs Australia Login : Join the Fun Online Reading Program Free Trial sign in/ free trial/ promo code: ABC Reading Eggs is the multiple award winning Australia based website for children to play learning games specifically designed to enhance the reading capabilities. The games are designed for kids of different age groups from 2 to 13 years to allow the children proceed systematically with the learning process in an entertaining manner.

ABC Reading Eggs Australia LoginReading Eggs is a Kids Safe Certified learning app used in more than 12,000 schools in Australia and 10 million users worldwide. Backed by attractive graphics, interactive learning processes and scientific research these games are pleasing to the children allowing them to improve reading skills quickly.

How to Sign Up at ABC Reading Eggs

All users must create an account at Reading Eggs to make the learning process fun for children. The Reading Eggs sign up for free offer is available to all visitors looking to create their account as a parent to teach kids using enjoyable play method or as teacher to set up quiz and other learning games for the students. After register your account you can access sign in page.

Follow the easy steps below to register your account now:

Step 1: Register Your Account

  • Visit the ABC Reading Eggs official website link-
  • On the homepage you can click the Sign Up button at the top right of the page or even follow the shortcut account registration link in the Free Trial Offer box
  • On the sign up page, you can create an account as a Parent or Teacher
  • Provide your valid email address and create password to get the free trial offer available for 4 weeks (thereafter you must continue with a paid membership to get access to the learning games and other features on the site)
  • When you hit the pink button titled ‘Get free access now’, you will receive the one time account activation code by email

Step 2: Activate Your Account

  • Click on the activation link to get started with the free trial offer at the site
  • You will be redirected to the reading eggs login screen where you must provide the email address as username and password to access the account

Step 3: Add Your Child

  • When you login, find and click the ‘Add Child’ button in grey color at the bottom of the page

There are two ways to add a child to the Reading eggs website-

  1. simply provide the name of the child and DOB to add a child
  2. Link a child with a school where you must enter the school name and some additional details
  • When you have filled in the details about your child, click the ‘Add Child’ button

For a step-by-step Reading Eggs sign up and login guide watch the YouTube tutorial at

Things We Love about Reading Eggs

  • All reading games on the platform are created by expert education professionals with 30+ years of experience
  • Easy to play and understand user interface for the children
  • The paid subscription comes with the money back guarantee
  • 2500+ ebooks
  • Progress reports, certification and awards given to all children based on their merit and performance with the games

Factors to Consider Before Joining and Access

We did not find any possible drawbacks with the Reading Eggs learning app but you must remember the following points before creating an account.

  • The learning programs at Reading Eggs are designed to help in the development and reading abilities of the children in the age group of 2 to 13 years only
  • You get the free access to Reading eggs account for 4 weeks only (after this period, you must subscribe to a paid plan for continued account accessibility)

Wrapping Up,

Children love the gaming experience at Reading eggs that allows them to nurture the reading abilities in a fun way. Get going with the learning process while enjoying the reading games on any device- PC, laptop, or Tablet. Always remember to monitor your child’s progress and development with the reading abilities on your account dashboard. Join the award-winning reading games platform today to allow your children to play games according to their age group.

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