Is Carfax Free with Geico?

When you’re in the market for a used car, knowing its history can be crucial. Carfax is a service that provides detailed vehicle history reports, including information about accidents, title issues, and more. Many insurance companies, like Geico, offer additional services and perks to their customers. In this article, we’ll explore whether Geico offers Carfax for free to its policyholders and how you can access this valuable service.

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What is Carfax?

1. Vehicle History Reports: Carfax is a well-known provider of vehicle history reports. These reports contain information about a vehicle’s past, such as accidents, title changes, mileage, and more.
2. Trusted Source: Carfax is considered a reliable source for vehicle history information. It compiles data from various sources, including government agencies, auto auctions, and service shops.

Why Vehicle History Reports Matter

1. Transparency: Vehicle history reports offer transparency about a car’s past, helping buyers make informed decisions.
2. Safety: Knowing a vehicle’s history can reveal potential safety issues and accident records.
3. Resale Value: A clean history report can enhance a car’s resale value.

Geico and Carfax Partnership

1. Access to Carfax: Geico has partnered with Carfax to provide its policyholders with access to Carfax reports.
2. Complimentary Service: Geico offers Carfax reports as a complimentary service to its customers.

How to Access Carfax with Geico

1. Contact Geico: To access Carfax reports through Geico, policyholders can contact their Geico representative or visit the official Geico website.
2. Provide Vehicle Information: You will need to provide specific vehicle information, such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), to obtain a Carfax report.
3. Receive the Report: Geico will assist in obtaining the Carfax report, and it will be provided to you either digitally or via mail.

Is Carfax Free with Geico?

Yes, Carfax is typically offered for free to Geico policyholders. Geico provides this service as part of its commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring that its policyholders have access to essential information when purchasing a used vehicle.


Knowing a vehicle’s history is essential when buying a used car, and Carfax is a valuable tool for obtaining this information. Geico’s partnership with Carfax allows its policyholders to access Carfax reports at no additional cost, making it easier for them to make informed decisions when shopping for a vehicle.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do I need to be a Geico policyholder to access Carfax reports through Geico?

Yes, Carfax reports through Geico are typically available to Geico policyholders.

2. Can I access Carfax reports through Geico’s website?

Yes, Geico policyholders can usually access Carfax reports through the official Geico website or by contacting their Geico representative.

3. Is the Carfax report provided by Geico the same as if I were to purchase it directly from Carfax?

Yes, the Carfax report obtained through Geico should contain the same information as a report purchased directly from Carfax.

4. Are there any limitations to how many Carfax reports I can request through Geico?

The availability of Carfax reports through Geico may vary, so it’s advisable to check with Geico regarding any potential limitations or restrictions.

5. Can I use the Carfax report provided by Geico when negotiating the price of a used car?

Yes, a Carfax report can be a valuable bargaining tool when negotiating the price of a used car. It provides transparency about the vehicle’s history, which can affect its value.

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