How to Setup Netflix on Wii and Make Faster – Wii not working

Wii Netflix setup without disc

Here we will discuss on how to change Netflix account on Wii, Netflix Wii not working 2019, how to add Netflix to Wii channel and Wii Netflix setup without a disc. It is an American based company which came into existence in 1997 and now it is one of the leading and well-known company in providing Movies and TV shows episodes on a rental basis.

It is to be noted that one cannot get Netflix directly on Wii as you need to first download the program from Nintendo’s Wii shop.

Way to set up Netflix for Wii

On Wii main menu select the “Wii shop” and press “start” icon.

Now click “start shopping” and choose “Wii channels” and then select “Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii”.

To start the download click “free o Wii points”. And then save Netflix either on Wii system memory or an SD card and press “ok” and “yes” to start your download and channel will come on Wii’s menu.

Click on “Netflix” channel and then “start’ to launch and set up screen will come.

Click  “yes” to inform about your current subscriber and enter your Netflix email ID and password in order to sign in to your account and click “continue”.

You can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows episodes.

Way to make Netflix faster on the Wii

Sometimes it may possible you find the problem in streaming Videos faster on Wii so for that one need to keep some point in mind so that you don’t face any problem in streaming videos on Wii.

Point which needs to keep in mind while streaming videos on Wii

Make sure that all your audio visual cables are connected properly and if you find any f the cable which is plugged loose then plug it back and turn it on again.

If there is any other application open on your Wii, close the same in order to stream video faster

The broadband connection you have on your Wii should have high speed as It he Internet with slow speed will make streaming of videos slow and for the same you have to contact any Internet connection person so that he can solve your Internet connection problem and you can stream video faster.

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