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Cydia Netflix

Here we will discuss on how to install apps on a Jailbroken and Cydia unlocked iPhone. To get Netflix Cydia on your device, you must first install a jailbreak. You don’t need to unlock your phone to use Cydia Netflix. Once you installed Cydia; just open it, you will find several options there.

Let’s check a short guide on Install Apps with Cydia.

Way to get Netflix on Cydia iPhone – Aps for iPad

This is well known American based company which is in a business of providing DVDs of movies and TV shows episodes to its subscribe on rental basis. You can find thousands of movies and one can watch Netflix on number of device.

netflix cydia

It is designed in such a way that it is possible to access Netflix on number of device but on iphone and ipad it is not possible without cydia application or by jailboken iphone. To do so one need to have openSSH, ITunes, jailboken iphone and a third party iphone browser such as atomic browser or cydia application.


  1. Go to the iTunes Store and download the Netflix application for I pad.
  2. Now under the iTunes section there is icon stating “app” under that click the icon stating Netflix”
  3. If you are using Window’s then click “Show in Window Explorer” or if you are using Mac OS X click “Show in Finder”.
  4. Choose the file you want to have and transfer that file or rename that file from .ipa to Zip. Now your file name will be “Netflix”.
  5. Need to open now .zip file and then open the “payload” folder where you have to store your “”
  6. Install “open SSH” from Cydia  app store and  type your phone’s  ip address after opening the setting  app and start the “Wi-Fi” settings and then transfer your Netflix app to Iphone by using “Secure copy”. This can be done either through SSH client or With terminal In Mac OSX.
  7. If it is with Terminal than open the terminal and type Scp-root@:/Applications/. You can find the path by opening new spotlight window through command-option space and there drag the Netflix icon on the search bar and you will get your path.
  8. If you are doing through SSH Client then use the command in your terminal by typing “ssh root@” and enter your password on your iphone  and if incase you have not logged  in before then type the default password “alpine” to complete the process
  9. Enter “cd/application/” then enter “chmod 755” and modify your iphone permissions.
  10. Now on any atomic browser or on perfect browser open the “setting” section and there click “Identify as” and choose “iPod” and thereafter you can watch Netflix on either of your favorite browser.


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