GEICO Defensive Driving Course Discount Code

Defensive Driving Course Online Certificate: GEICO

GEICO understands importance of life and defensive driving and promotes it. It encourages car drivers take defensive driving courses and in an appreciation to it offers discounts on car insurance. Let’s check GEICO defensive driving course discount code and online certificate procedure.

defensive driving course geico
Defensive driving course GEICO

Defensive driving course trains you how to take control of the situation when unexpected happens. You are taught safe driving techniques which help you prevent car accident. You learn to recognize risks and drive accordingly to avoid any casualty. You learn to drive carefully not to put you into trouble or any other motorist on the road.

Defensive driving can be as simple as maintaining safe distance between vehicles or could be as complex as difficult as escape from close impact. GEICO encourages and offers you a discount for taking such driving skill learning course.

GEICO Defensive Driving Course Discount

Eligibility for defensive driving discount varies from state to state. There are different rules and qualifications for each state. You can find defensive driving discount for your state online at GEICO website. Following given are the steps on how to find discount code for your state:

  • Go to
  • Select your state from the state selection drop down box displayed.

You will find the defensive driving course discount and eligibility criteria for your state displayed on the screen.

Customer Support

If you have any difficulty or have any query, you can call GEICO customer representative. You also can send an email or regular mail. You can have online chat too with the customer representative. You can refer to frequently asked questions displayed at the website. For more information, you can visit

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