Does State Farm Car Insurance Cover Rental Trucks: What You Need to Know

Moving to a new place often involves renting a moving truck to transport your belongings safely. If you have State Farm car insurance, you might be wondering, “Does State Farm car insurance cover rental trucks?” In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of whether your State Farm auto insurance extends to rental trucks and what you should consider when planning your move.


Moving to a new home is an exciting but challenging experience. One of the critical aspects of moving is safely transporting your belongings, and many people opt for rental trucks for this purpose. However, understanding your insurance coverage is vital to avoid any unexpected expenses or complications during your move.

Understanding Your Auto Insurance

2.1. Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

Before delving into rental truck coverage, let’s briefly review the typical types of auto insurance coverage:

  • Liability Insurance: Covers damage or injuries you cause to others in an accident.
  • Collision Insurance: Pays for damage to your vehicle in an accident.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Covers non-collision-related damage, such as theft or natural disasters.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Covers medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident.

2.2. Rental Truck Coverage

Rental truck coverage is a specialized insurance designed to protect you when you rent a truck for moving. It typically includes:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Covers damage to the rental truck in case of an accident.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance: Provides additional liability coverage if you injure others or damage their property while driving the rental truck.
  • Personal Effects Coverage: Protects your personal belongings inside the rental truck.

Does State Farm Car Insurance Cover Rental Trucks?

State Farm, like many auto insurance providers, does not automatically cover rental trucks as part of its standard auto insurance policies. However, it’s essential to contact State Farm directly or review your policy documents to confirm your coverage specifics.

When Does State Farm Cover Rental Trucks?

In some situations, State Farm may offer coverage for rental trucks when they are considered temporary replacements for your insured vehicle, such as when your car is in the shop for repairs. To determine whether you have coverage for a specific rental truck, reach out to State Farm.

What to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

When planning your move and renting a moving truck, consider the following:

  1. Review Your State Farm Policy: Carefully examine your State Farm auto insurance policy to understand any limitations regarding rental trucks.
  2. Explore Rental Truck Insurance: Most rental truck companies offer their insurance options. Evaluate these options to ensure you have adequate protection during your move.
  3. Additional Coverage: If your State Farm policy doesn’t cover rental trucks or you’re not satisfied with the rental company’s insurance, consider purchasing additional coverage from a third-party insurer.
  4. Safe Driving Practices: Regardless of your insurance coverage, prioritize safe driving to minimize the risk of accidents and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1. Do I need additional insurance when renting a moving truck?

It’s advisable to consider additional rental truck insurance, especially if your State Farm auto insurance policy does not provide coverage for rental trucks. This extra protection can offer peace of mind during your move.

6.2. Will my personal auto insurance cover a rental truck?

Typically, personal auto insurance policies do not extend coverage to rental trucks. Contact your insurance provider to clarify your specific coverage.

6.3. What should I do if I need coverage for my move?

If you require coverage for your move and your State Farm policy doesn’t provide it, explore rental truck insurance options offered by the rental company or third-party insurers.

6.4. Can I purchase rental truck insurance separately?

Yes, you can purchase rental truck insurance separately from the rental company or third-party insurers to ensure you have the coverage you need during your move.

6.5. Are there any restrictions on rental truck coverage?

Rental truck coverage may have specific terms and conditions, such as driver age restrictions or coverage limits. Be sure to review the policy details thoroughly.


While State Farm car insurance is crucial for protecting your vehicle in everyday situations, it may not automatically cover rental trucks during a move. Understanding your insurance coverage and considering additional protection for your rental truck can help ensure a smooth and worry-free moving experience. Always consult with State Farm and rental truck providers to clarify your insurance options before embarking on your move.

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