DMV Genie Nevada: Nevada DMV Written Practice Test

DMV Genie Nevada: To get a learner’s permit or driving license in Nevada, you have to take a knowledge test which is a written test, a vision test, and a skill test. You need a driver’s permit if you want to drive on the streets and highways of Nevada.

DMV Genie Nevada

The written test contains 50 multiple choice questions, each question carries 1 mark. You require to get 40 marks which makes 80% correct answers to pass the test. The Nevada DMV written test includes questions on traffic laws, rules to drive on the road, safe driving practices, road signs, insurance requirements, highway signs, markings, etc.

Eligibility and Required Documents for DMV Test

The minimum age to apply for the test is 151/2 years. You need to provide proof of identity, proof of social security number, and proof of Nevada state residence. If you are minor under age 18, you need to provide parental consent with a Minor Affidavit Sheet. You have to pay a $25 fee that covers your written and road tests. If you fail in your written test, you may retake it the next day by paying an additional $10 fee.

Nevada DMV Written Test Study Guide

You can download the NV driver’s handbook online at You can just click the ‘Down PDF’ button. It is the official guide that contains information on traffic laws and the rules of the state. You study it carefully if you are to take the knowledge test.

DMV Practice Test

You can take a free practice test before you appear for the actual DMV written test. It helps you know what type of questions they ask and how the exam is taken. It also creates confidence in you. You can take a number of tests. It is simple to take the test. Here given is how to take the test:

  • Go to
  • Visit the ‘NV General Knowledge Test’ button.
  • Go on the ‘Start Now button.
  • Answer the questions. You can also take the hint.

Study the NV driver’s handbook carefully, take enough tests, take the exam with confidence and move ahead on your way to get a driver’s permit in Nevada state! Read more articles on rozyjos.

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