Adlake Railroad Lantern History: Types of Railroad Lanterns

Adlake Railroad Lantern History: Types of Railroad Lanterns

Adlake Railroad Lantern History: Adams & Westlake is a very popular manufacturer of railroad lanterns. It is providing different designs and varieties of lanterns. It was founded in 1857 and quartered in Chicago, Illinois. Adlake is one of the largest suppliers of equipment to the transportation industry all across the world.

It has partners in transportation, railroad, recreational vehicles, military, and medical industries and provides solutions and products to meet their needs. Here we will discuss Adlake Railroad Lanterns.

Adlake Railroad Lantern History

What are The Services Offered by Adlake?

Adlake has state of an art machining department, and an assembly department with proficiency in assembling metals, cloth, vinyl, rubber, wood, etc. It has a non-ferrous sand casting foundry that specializes in Aluminium, Bronze, Nickel, Brass, etc. It has a fabrication facility to turn raw materials into finished products which also does fabrication according to customer specifications.

It also has sewing, cutting, and slitting facilities that work on different materials. Adlake has a pressroom department that does shearing, punch press, drawing press, stamping, etc. And has a variety of sizes to meet cater to various needs. It offers specialized services to customers such as solution management repair and refurbishment services. It also specializes in welding.

Where can I Find Adlake Railroad Lanterns for Sale?

There are various designs and patterns of railroad lanterns to buy from. You can purchase it directly from Adlake. There are various product categories to select from and you can buy them online also. There is a special discount offered when buying it in bulk. If you are interested in authentic Adlake lanterns used by railroads in the past, then you can try eBay or some other links as shown below.

1. New Adlake Railroad Lamps for Sale at

You can buy new Adams & Westlake railroad-style lamps from the company itself. There are hanging lanterns, electric switch lamps, Brass marker lamps, Kero lamps with red, blue, green, amber, or clear globes, kero lamps without globes, Burner without wickas well as replacement parts you can buy at

2. eBay

You can find more than 100 antique Adlake railroad lanterns up for auction or immediate sale at which includes Adlake non-sweating lanterns, Kero lanterns with different colored globes, etc. Some of these lanterns are actually from specific railroads.

What are The Benefits of being Members of Adlake?

You can be a member of Adlake historical alliance and you can enjoy many benefits. If you order some product, your order will be combined with the order from other members and you can get the product at a low cost.

A member is waived from the requirement of minimum quantity order if you keep the shipping date flexible and get the product at a low cost. Members also can purchase only the components they need. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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