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Zoho Free CRM Software Download – Zoho.com Books Pricing and Free Trial

Zoho CRM Free Edition Software Review: Zoho CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System for sales, marketing and support. It provides multichannel support through a single system that includes conversation through email, live chat, phone or social media. All the interactions are kept track for interaction rules and sales processes. Here we will discuss on www.zoho.com/books login, books pricing and free trail code.

Zoho CRM Free Edition Software Review

Zoho CRM is designed to offer the customers better communicate and connect to experience. The system features various tools. Some of them are as follows:

  • SalesSignals: The tool helps you get better insight of customers’ activities in real time and you can see in an organized way how they have interacted through marketing emails, website, social media etc.
  • Email: This feature allows you to view full history of correspondence with security permissions. It provides detailed reports and analysis of viewer stats, click-through rates etc.
  • Chat: The feature converts live chat into leads and create follow ups. If there is a deal, it adds that too. You can view history of contacts, leads and customers.
  • Telephone: This provides all the needed information from every call made or received. You can check missed calls. The tool features Phonebridge integration which allows making a call and viewing customer information together from the same place. It also lets you take notes for next conversation as well as set remainders for customer follow ups.
  • Social: This helps you stay connected with customers through social websites such as Face book, Google+, Twitter etc. You can also find leads on it. You can create important contacts stream as well as get instant updates when keywords are followed.
  • In-Person: Zoho CRM includes Zoho mobile app to help its sales team; it helps them with view notes before a meeting, take and store photographs of business cards, locate nearby prospects, map and much more. It also features a calendar that helps you organize events, meetings, seminar etc.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting software that provides back office operations, automate workflows and keep manage accounts of the organization. It can be used for business of all sizes, consulting services and marketing companies. It allows invoices to be prepared in 11 languages.

Zoho Books

A Zoho Books 14-day free trial is available. If you want to continue use of the software after that you can subscribe it. There are three different plans including various features offered: Basic plan is available for $9 per monthly subscription, standard plan for $19 a month; whereas professional plan is for $29 a month. You can find details of the plan at its website www.zoho.com/books/.

Main features offered of the Zoho Books are:

  • Money In: It helps you figure out how much money your business is making. It generates automatic recurring invoices, payment thank-you notes and payment remainders; you can send it to the customers online or through mail. It provides much online payment gateways.
  • Money Out: It helps you manage expenses and cash outflow. You can track outstanding balances with each of the vendor.
  • Banking and credit Cards: All your bank and credit card transactions can be recorded and monitored.
  • Take On the World: It allows transactions in various currencies.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: It helps you with authorization and you can set different permissions to different users.
  • Stay on Top of Your Business: It provides insightful reports that help business in decision making process.

It also has features to prepare credit notes, send quotes etc. The software integrates PayPal, Authorize.net and PayPal Payflow. Zoho uses 256 bit SSL encryption technology to provide data security. Data is also regularly backed up and kept secured. As it is a web based accounting software, you can access it anytime anywhere. Zoho Books app is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices too.

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