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Checks in the Mail Coupon Code

‘Checks in the Mail’ is one of the leading digital marketers that supplies bank checks in the United States. It offers a wide variety of checks with more than 200 appealing designs with movie themes, animals, scenes and various patterns on it. It also sells coordinating checkbook covers, personalized address labels and other accessories. Customers can browse through catalog and order checks. User also uses coupon codes for discount. Checks in the Mail Coupon Code

Checks in the Mail come up with various offers. Customers can get huge discounts on select checks, cover and label. You will also find clearance offer. The checks are offered at best competitive price and usually the prices are very low compare to what the bank or credit union charges for it. Many prefer services like Checks in the Mail. Moreover, you can select and buy it online from convenience of your home.

Checks in the Mail Special Offer

First time customers are being offered introductory offer of personal checks at www.citm14.com. The first box of singles checks is offered at $6.99 $5 for box is charged for additional box. The first box of duplicate checks with the same design is offered at $7.99. To avail the offer, you need to use the special offer code NEW699 at checkout. Returning customers also offered deals; reorder 2 boxes of checks at $ 10 discount and 4 boxes at $10 discount. To take advantage of this offer, they too need to use offer code REORDER 14.

To buy it online, you just select the design, make payment and you will receive your box in few days by mail.

Checks in the Mail Order Status

Once you have submitted order, you can check status of your mail order online.

  • You just click on the ‘Order Status’ on top right of the home page at www.citm14.com
  • For online order, Provide your order number and email address in the fields given. You will find order in the email you have received after you have placed an order. Then click on the ‘Get Status’.
  • If you have placed order by phone or mail, you have to provide routing number and account number. And then click on the ‘Get Status’.
  • You will receive status of the order immediately.

Customer Support

If you need any assistance, you can contact customer service. Click on the link ‘Contact Us’ displayed at bottom of the home page. Enter your name, email address and query in the form and send it through email by clicking on ‘Submit Information’. You can also call toll free number 1-800-733-4443 or send fax at (800) 800 – 2432. You will get quick response.

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