What Font Is Used For Netflix’s Versailles Series?

Versailles is a timeless sans serif with the classiness of a serif font. With smooth and clean lines and just a touch of contrast, Versailles works beautifully for logos, branding, and web headings.

Netflix uses Graphique as the font used for the Netflix logo.

Helvetica, This font takes you to the media scene. It is popular among many broadcasting companies and some top advertising companies. Helvetica is one famous font; it has a documentary to its name.

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The primary subtitle font used by Netflix is known as Consolas. It is a monospaced (fixed-equal spaced) font.

According to multiple media reports, the new font will enable Netflix to save “millions of dollars a year” as it moves away from Gotham, the font it is currently licensed and one that is widely used in the entertainment industry.

Arguably one of the most widely used and classic fonts of all time (in any medium), it’s no surprise that Helvetica — and its close cousins Helvetica Neue, Helvetica Condensed as well as the lookalikes Arial and Swiss — are also immensely popular in TV News graphics. Read more articles on rozyjos.