Wellness Program Trends 2023: How To Keep Your Employees Healthier And Happier

When providing a wellness program, providing some healthy snacks in the conference room and offering yoga or health improvement programs were some examples.

It’s been a long since those days have disappeared.

Today, employee wellness means prioritizing employees’ physical and mental health and making it easy for them to access wherever they are working.

If you wish to win the war for talent, you’ll have to have an efficient employee wellness program.

The projected worldwide wellness market will experience a 9.9% yearly increase and reach $7 trillion by 2025, per a new study by the Global Wellness Institute.

The advantages of worksite wellness make it a popular source for employer retention. Here are some of the wellness program features projecting into 2023:

Wellness Apps: The Latest Trend In Health And Fitness?

Our wellness program should be accessible. To ensure it succeeds, you need to get a wellness app. operating an app makes it easy for you to access it anywhere, at any time.

Wellness apps also relieve stressful HR obligations, allowing companies to focus on more pressing internal matters.

If you’re seeking to partner with a wellness app vendor, here are a few questions you should ask, according to Sprout, a company that creates employee wellness platforms:

  • Can the app integrate with an existing business initiative, such as employee assistance plans?
  • The app will continue to grow as you add more employees and features to it.
  • Can HR customize programming?
  • Is it HIPAA-compliant?
  • What are the features of user-generated challenges and goals?

Due to advances in technology in wearables, apps must also be compatible with them.

Fashionable wearable track steps, but also handle several fitness measurements and provide proficiency and feedback.

What Is Functional Fitness And How Can It Help Me?

As it focuses on teaching and conditioning employees to fill in at their peak for everyday tasks, sports, and exercise, Launchjuice, a company ment’aide that assists businesspeople in accessing wellness markets, offers such fitness courses.

The main focus focuses on improving strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. And it can also work hand-in-hand with wearable technology.

Functional fitness allows people to take an active part in managing their health, as well as monitor progress and change.

Tools like yoga practice and Pilates classes may help you build muscle, flexibility, equilibrium, and versatility. Therefore, it is important to incorporate functional fitness into your wellness strategies.

Ergonomics, office set-ups, and houses are all included in ergonomics training provided to employees. That also includes instructing your staff on proper workstation setups.

Nutrition Education

Employees are so immersed in finishing work that they don’t have much free time to read about or learn about nutrition. As a result, as employees acquire the appearance of revitalizing their wellness, they want to eat healthier.

Nutrition education is a good aspect to include in your wellness regimen. Look into bringing nutritionists to host Zoom classes or adding a nutrition program to your program.

If you’re able to do it, offering healthy treats in the office can be a good idea because you have the budget to ship treats to workers that are away.

Companies must aim to help their employees achieve better health in 2023, so employees will be likely to be loyal to their employers. Read more articles on rozyjos.