Choose Lotteries With Better Odds

You Can Choose The Lotteries Where The Odds Are Stacked More In Your Favour

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Join A Syndicate

It’s A Known Fact That 20% Of All Lottery Jackpots Are Won By Syndicates

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Make System Bets

System Betting Increases Your Chances Of Winning A Lottery By Allowing You To Choose Extra Numbers In Addition

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Pick Random Numbers

You won't increase your chances of winning with random numbers, but you will make a big difference to how much you win, should your ticket come good.

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Play More Often

if you’re serious about wanting to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, to ensure you always have a bet on your favourite draw

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Most Frequent Winning Numbers

14 On 48 winning tickets — 11.6%
36 On 48 winning tickets — 11.6%
48 On 47 winning tickets — 11.4%

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Least Frequent Winning Numbers

47 On 23 winning tickets — 5.6%
6 On 25 winning tickets — 6%
49 On 26 winning tickets — 6.2%

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NY Win 4

Most popular numbers picked by players: 1111, 2222, 3333

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