Way to Add or Suggest Your Movies to Netflix Queue

Way to Add Movie to Netflix Queue

Open the homepage of Netflix and visit the “film submission” page. Go through all the details given there and then go to “submission release Form”

In this you have to provide your name, Title of your film and your email address, this will confirm Netflix  that you have rights and permission to submit your movie

Mail your DVDs or HVS format at their address

Way to suggest Movies to Netflix

Filmmakers have an advantage of adding their movies on Netflix so that subscriber can get the DVDs of their movies on rental basis from Netflix. For the same, they can hire distributor who submits their movies on Netflix or they can directly submit their Movies by themselves.

(If you have Distributor):
First, confirm that your distributor has account with Netflix and if in case he doesn’t have any account with Netflix then ask him to create the same

Now once he created the account, ask your distributor to submit your film to Netflix for consideration

(If you don’t have Distributor):
See to it that the time duration of the movie which you want to add to Netflix should be at least 60 minutes  and should be in DVD or VHS format

Now fill the Netflix “Submission Release form” after taking the print copy from Netflix website and sign the same.

Put the copy of the movie you want to submit to Netflix in a proper envelope and mention about the retail and wholesale price, marketing price, public relation, and sales information so that Netflix can go through it.

Send the same to the following address:
                                    Attn: Submissions
                                    P.O. Box 5619
                                    Beverly Hills’, CA 90209-5619

Way to add your Movie to Netflix

Visit the website of Netflix at www.netflix.com and sign in to your account

Now in the search bar type the title of the movie you want to add and click on “search “icon. Here you can search the movie title by providing actor, actress or director name or you can mention a partial title

Now web page will open in which there is a list of different movie as per your given criteria

Click the movie you want to add and read the description

Make sure and then add the movie title to your queue by clicking “Add”

Pop-up will come to confirm the successful adding of the movie in your queue.

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For more query or information click on www.netflix.com/queue 
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