Walmart Savings Catcher Program

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Sign in to Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher program allows shoppers at Walmart to scan in their receipts and matches price with major stores like Food Lion, Family Dollar, Harris Teeter, Big Lots, Target and Walgreen’s to decide if the products purchased are available with fewer prices elsewhere.

If so, the Walmart will pay the difference through a gift card that can only be used at Walmart to shop. If you are a frequent shopper at Wal-Mart’s, then Walmart’s Savings Catcher programme is worth trying.

Walmart customers can get benefited from Savings Catcher Program; customers need to register for an account at the Savings Catcher website at . Once registered, you can login to your Savings Dashboard anytime with your login credentials.

Once logged in your Savings Dashboard; you will find snapshot of the important information about your account. You can view your Savings Summary that includes all your reward dollars earned. You will find your rewards dollars accumulated under the section ‘Your Reward Dollars’ and also view the reward dollars you have redeemed in the current year.

You can redeem your savings onto a Walmart Reward gift Card. The gift card can be used only for purchases online at Walmart store or for online purchase at

With Walmart’s catcher, there is a savings cap of $599.99 a year.
Shopping of grocery items such as meats, vegetables, fruits, bakery and other items that need to be weighed at check out are not included in price matching under this savings catcher program. Items which are being sold in multiples such as 3 for $7 milk, 5 for $5 etc are also not included.

All of your receipts will be stored inside your account under the category title Receipt History for you to review at your convenience.
While logged in, you will also see lots of Walmart ads for items on sale that includes clearance items, special offer, rollback or even value bundles. You can take advantage of this and save further.

Walmart Savings Catcher App

Walmart has created an app that gives an access to Walmart Savings Catcher program. It is a free app. You just download it and sign up for it. Once signed up, you can scan your receipt and Walmart will match the price.

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