Walmart Money Center Login: Hours of Operation on Sunday

Walmart Money Center Hours of Operation on Sunday

Walmart Money Center Login and Hours of Operation on Sunday: In retail sector, Walmart needs no introduction. It is famous and biggest in the entire world. It has also moved into financial services. Under this service, Walmart has opened money centers in 1800 store in the US. There are in total 4,300 stores in US. It will also give small business loans through Sam’s club store. Under this services there will be push in Companies Rewards MasterCard in Canada. Walmart money center hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

Walmart Money Center Login

Supermarkets association with the bank is not new. Earlier also there have been many supermarkets that had bank associations. Many markets give small branches an area where the service is provided to customers for long hours as compared to the original branch. Many supermarkets have also set up banking subsidiaries.

However experts have noted that supermarkets are keener on giving good services to their customers as compared to the banks. As the supermarkets serve many customers daily they have competitive advantage too.

Walmart Money Center Login

Log in to Walmart MoneyCard account is very easy. You need to visit official website click on ‘Sign In’ button, located at right upper corner side. With their financial service you can get many financial services from your local Walmart store itself. Various financial services provided by Walmart are :- credit cards services, money orders, prepaid debit cards, check printing, secured online money transfers and check cashing so that customers gets more money when required. Walmart also aids in preparing and filing taxes fast with the tax preparation service.

FDIC estimated that 17 million US households that are 7.7% of the total population are without bank accounts and around 40 million that is 18% of population are under banked. This estimate shows that potential for financial services by Walmart are high. A survey done by Aite in 2008 also showed that Walmart already had check cashing market of around 11% by that time only.

The company has a small equity stake of 1% in Green Dot. It is a payment processor supporting WalmartMoneyCards. This MoneyCard is a good option for individuals with low income. Green Dot has taken over Bonneville Bank. It is a small bank in Utah. It further clears a way for Walmart to start banking services in the US. Opponents say that the entire WalmartMoneyCenters should come under Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Check cashing fees: The main target of Walmart is individuals with low income that do not have bank accounts. It charges $3.00 to cash payroll and for checks for government and tax of $1,000 or less and $6.00 for checks above $1,000 to $5,000.

Small Business Loans: This was launched in 2010 after the results of a survey done in 2009. In a survey done in 2009 it was found that 15% of Sam’s club members were not given credit. If a customer is member of Walmart’s Sam’s Club stores the he also become eligible for getting small business loans and start up business. This can be done by filling in the online application. Loan can be obtained of $5,000 to $25,000. However, Walmart itself is not an issuer of these loans. It is issued by Superior Financial Group.

The main corporation is still written as Wal-Mart stores, that is one with hyphens. But the current logo and trademark is without hyphen i.e. Walmart. Some publications use the hyphenated name while others without it.

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