The View Of The Town Of Patience In Resident Alien Looks Like The Same View Of The Town Used In Netflix’s The Ranch

The science fiction series Resident Alien takes place in a small fictional town called Patience, Colorado, but that’s not where it was filmed. The rural town was actually composed of a mixture of locations and sound stages in Vancouver, Canada. Although it was shot in an entirely different place, it is still believable that the show takes place in Colorado thanks to a few smart choices made by the creators.

The Netflix original series The Ranch is set in the fictional town of Garrison, Colorado, but the opening shot of the town during the credit sequence is of Ouray, and the San Juan Valley just north of Ouray.

Patience, Colorado, & ALL the Resident Alien Locations: Where is Resident Alien filmed?

What happens when the iconic The X-Files meets Northern Exposure? Back for season two, the Syfy channel dramedy series is an interesting twist on the “aliens among us” premise.

Resident Alien was filmed in and around Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada). The streets of Ladysmith on the east coast of Vancouver Island doubled as the quirky tiny town of Patience, Colorado.

Created by Chris Sheridan, one of the main scriptwriters of Family Guy, the source material is a long-run comic series that none other than Alan Moore once called ‘a pitch-perfect narrative’.

Science-fiction veteran Alan Tudyk fits the lead role of Captain Hah Re / Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle very well.

Harry is an outlander in a town of outsiders, with a secret mission on Earth. That’s why the doctor is based in a place where “nobody in their right mind would live unless they have something to hide”.

Sara Tomko is the doctor’s closest ally, Asta Twelve trees. The show features an all-star line-up of guest stars, including Linda Hamilton and Terry O’Quinn.

Welcome to Patience and our guide to the filming locations of Resident Alien – stay tuned for season 2 locations updates on this page!

Don’t expect to find Dr. Harry’s cabin anywhere near a lake. Syfywire reported that the house was just a facade built by the Howe Sound at Britannia Beach.

All the interiors (counting for around 90% of the footage) were filmed on sound stages in a studio in Vancouver.

The Netflix Series: ‘The Ranch’

Unlike aspirational Netflix series set on the coasts, Netflix sitcom The Ranch takes place in rural Colorado — and its devoted fans love the view.

The all-star cast includes That 70’s Show alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, alongside veteran actors Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. If that wasn’t enough star power, Kutcher also doubles as an executive producer for the streaming giant dramedy.

The series, which debuted in 2016 hasn’t been a critical darling, but it’s definitely been a beloved favorite among fans subscribed to the streamer.

The show was enveloped in scandal in 2017 after Masterson was accused of sexual assault, which was subsequently fired, with the character written out.

More bad news followed in 2019 when it was announced The Ranch was ending production and would drop its final 20 new episodes in 2019 and 2020. (Fans didn’t take kindly to that news)

Viewers seem to love the series for the way it portrays the Bennetts, its fictional, but relatable clan of ranch hands and bartenders, including ex-jock Colt (Kutcher), his brother, Rooster (Masterson), his dad, Beau (Elliott), and his mother, Maggie (Winger).

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But while the show ended this past January, it remains on Netflix for new audiences and old to relive, and there is a lot to love about it — including its long list of surprisingly cool facts that will be your go-to for knowing the very best in trivia on the series, like how The Ranch pays homage to its fictional town of Garrison, Colorado with the show’s opening credits set in Ouray, Colorado. Read more articles on rozyjos.