Panama City Hurricane: Panama City Beach, Florida Panhandle News

Panama City Hurricane: Panama City Beach, Florida Panhandle News

Panama City Hurricane: As of Panama City Beach, Florida Panhandle News, Michael with a wind speed of 230 km has become more dangerous. You can see the Hurricane Michael video to watch the damage.

Panama City Hurricane

In Florida, in the United States, hurricane Michael (Catagari-4) made landfall on the afternoon of Wednesday, so it has been advised to move 3,75,000 people to safety.

The main roads are submerged in flood water; the big trees are too rotten. ‘Titanic Tornadoes’ Michael reached Mexico Beach at approximately 2 O’clock. Over 5 lakh homes and business supplies have been disrupted in the business house in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Many people are searching for Panama City beach cams to see damage in this area.

Hurricane Michael obliterates Panama City high school – Video from CBS This Morning

Panama City Beach, Florida, USA – Hurricane Michael Damage Video 10-10-2018 from Pioneer Creative Media

Damage from Hurricane Michael Panama City, Florida – Drone Video from CBS 17

Waffle House in Panama City Beach, FL closes ahead of Hurricane Michael – Video from USA TODAY

According to the Miami-based National Hurricane Center, the winds gushed at speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour. According to the weather officials, there is a possibility of heavy rains.

Following the storm, waves in the ocean rose up to 14 feet in height. As many areas are likely to be flooded, many areas have been ordered to remain alert. Many people also ask questions like, is Panama City airport open?

This hurricane is considered to be Florida’s most dangerous hurricane. This hurricane cannot be compared with any previous hurricane.

The hurricane is moving at a speed of 210 km and will soon hit the Panhandle of Florida.

In the state capital Tallahassee, the weather department has appealed to people from certain areas to leave the house. You are advised to reach a safe place immediately without risking your life.

Tension for buildings that were built before 2001

Directive Brock Long of National Disaster Management told the president at the White House that he has tension about the buildings that were made before 2001 because these buildings are not able to cope with hurricanes.

Emergency has also been declared in Florida as well as in Alabama and Georgia.

Michael’s hurricane will move faster on the east coast of America and these areas will have heavy rains. This is the same area that has not been able to come out yet due to Florence’s impact on the storm last month.

You can get an idea of Panama City beach storm damage after watching the above videos and hurricane Michael Florida Panhandle live stream. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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