Can I Upgrade My Netflix Plan in the Middle of the Month?

Netflix is one of the leading companies which offer its subscriber DVDs of movies and TV shows on rental basis. One can find thousand of movies on Netflix and they can stream the video or they can receive the movies via mail it depends on the choice of the subscriber.
For the same one just needs to create account with Netflix and get subscribe with any of the plan which is offer by company. Its limited plan will allow you to take one or two movie at a time, depend on the plan whereas it unlimited plan allow you to view numbers of movies. You can Upgrade My Netflix Plan in the Middle of the Month.

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Upgrade Netflix Account

• Go the website of Netflix at and there sign in to your account by providing your email address and password.

• New webpage will open, where on the right hand side at the top of the webpage click the icon stating “Your Account & Help”.

• Now under the section “Account Information” click the icon stating “change plan”
• Just go through the different plan offered by Netflix and decide which plan you want to upgrade and then click “continue”.

• Get sure about the cost and other surcharges of the plan and then finally click the icon stating “Confirm Change”.

Way to upgrade Netflix Plan in the Middle of a Month

One can upgrade his Netflix plan in the middle of a month if he doesn’t has to wait for the month end but for doing so he has to pay a fee which is decided by Netflix:

• Go to the homepage of Netflix at and then sign in to your account by providing the username and password.

• Now under the section “Account Information” click the icon “Your Account and Help” and then  click “Change plan” in order to make changes in your plan.

• List of different plans will come now you have to choose any one and then click the “continue” button.

• Once you have chosen the plan, your charges for the month has been changed and new charges will come in “charge for Current Month” section.

• Finally click the icon stating “Confirm Change” in order to complete the procedure. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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