Tsunami Terbesar di Indonesia: Watch Video of Tsunami Sulawesi

Tsunami Terbesar di Indonesia: Watch Video of Tsunami Sulawesi

Tsunami Terbesar di Indonesia: Following a powerful earthquake on Friday in Indonesia, Tsunami was also furious in Palu city located on Sulawesi Island. Many buildings have been damaged due to earthquakes. This terrible disaster has forced people to leave their homes.

Hundreds of people have died in this Sulawesi Tsunami 2018, you can see the damage below given video. According to the news agency, the death toll has reached 384.

Tsunami Terbesar di Indonesia

Tsunami Water Cannons Confuse Many Buildings

Around 80 kilometers from the center of the earthquake, the video shooting was done on the top floor of a parking ramp in Palau city, in which high water waves were lifted and the coastal areas were taken into the defrost. The water waves in the video are being seen taking many buildings on their own.

The BNO News Agency has released a video of the Indonesia Tsunami today, showing tremendous ripples and people fleeing as they scream.

Watch the latest videos of the Indonesia Tsunami 2018 September at Here:

Indonesia Earthquake (2018), tsunami Video from IndiaTV

Tsunami Terbesar di Indonesia Video from Manorama News (Published on Sep 28, 2018)

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People came out from their Homes Due to Earthquake & Tsunami

Disaster Agency and earthquake and tsunami division chairman confirmed that there was a rapid tsunami in the city. The intensity of this earthquake was much higher than the earthquake on the island of Lombok at the beginning of this year, in which hundreds were killed.

Here you can see Indonesia tsunami photos after the earthquake:

tsunami terbesar di indonesia

tsunami en indonesia 2018

indonesia tsunami pictures

indonesia sulawesi tsunami photo

The American Underground Survey Department said that the center of the earthquake in Central Sulawesi’s Donggala town was at a depth of 10 kilometers. The damaged buildings were found in the photographs declared by the agency.

Earthquake hazards due to Indonesia’s geographical position

Facebook Live Video showed a long traffic jam in some parts of the area because after the Sulawesi Tsunami alerted people sat in cars, trucks, and motorbikes to reach high places. Disaster Agency spokesman said the search and rescue team was sent to the most affected areas.

It is noteworthy that due to the geography of Indonesia, earthquake hazards are always built. In December 2004, a 9.3 magnitude earthquake struck Sumatra in western Indonesia, and the Tsunami killed 2,20,000 people in many countries of the Indian Ocean region. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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