Top Ten Health Care Reform Bill Myths and Facts

Pros and Cons of Healthcare Reform Bill Summary

Health Care Reform Bill Myths and Facts: There are many disbelieves about health care reform and it is necessary to know the truth as soon as possible. Here are given some myths about health bill, read them carefully to come out from it.

GOP health care bill text

  • Your health care will be rationed when the bill becomes law

The fact is health care is already rationed by insurers. Regularly, many strategies are used by insurance companies to reduce their costs and increase profits. They kicked those consumers who become sick often. But according to new law reform, only if the insurance company can prove fraud.

  • The health care bill provides for “euthanasia” or death panels

The fact is that health care reform bill provides coverage for advance care planning on an optional basis if requested by the patient. This recommendation will levied on physician, qualified care provider and feeding tubes along with other measures to sustain life. However, this provision is removed now.

  • Health care reform will raise your taxes

Higher rate of tax will be applying only those who earn more than $200,000 individually and $250,000 for married couple. They have to pay 0.9% more for medical taxes.

  • Health care reform will create nationalized health care

Administration and Congress both have denied for single payer system for health care reform. The new bill has created the state based American Health Benefit Exchanges and Small Business Health Options Program Exchanges.

  • Health care reform will be the start of socialized medicine

Under health care reform, you will get care from private doctors as well as insurance from a private insurance company.

  • The government can’t run a health program

This is not true again. Talk about medical care under Medicare with seniors. Medicare consumers have reported that they were satisfied and face fewer problems.

  • You won’t have any choices under health care reform

Under health care reform, there are four types of plan namely, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. There is a flexibility of choosing any of above plan as well as private insurer.

  • Doctors wages will be set by the government

Doctors are private practitioners and they can decide their own wages. Some Medicaid patients receive services through community health clinics that are funded by their states and wages may settled by government for them.

  • Medicare coverage will be cut

The fact is that it will make strong the program by reducing costs of prescription drugs, excess coverage for preventive care, provide more help for low-income beneficiaries, coordinated, and comprehensive care that effectively responds to patients’ needs.

  • You’ll lose your private insurance

Unfortunately, the proposal of replacing private insurance for new health care reform was not passed in both houses of Congress. Therefore, there is no any provision of this kind under new bill.

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