Sling TV Free Trial 30 Days:

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How to Try Sling TV Free Trial 30 Days

Sling TV provides LIVE streaming services which allows for personalized channels. If you are searching for Sling TV Free Trial 30 Days promo code; then it is available for trail. It offers over 100 channels which include sports, movies, news, comedy, kids etc. You ca watch channels on TV, computer, laptop, gaming console, tablet, phone etc. You can add TV and cloud DVR on demand.

Sling TV also offers several packages offered too. Sling Orange service is offered at $20 a month which includes 30 channels whereas Sling Blue is offered at $25 a month including 40+ channels. You also get some additional channels for free.

You can try Sling TV services free for 30 days on trial. Here are the steps on how to sign up for the free trial.

  • Go to .
  • Click on ‘Watch Now 30 Days Free’ displayed in blue in middle of the home page.
  • A sign-up page will be displayed. Enter your email address. Choose your package under service tab.
  • In order to choose additional channels for free, scroll down to ‘Extra’ and choose extra channels. Then click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter your payment details providing credit card/debit card details. Once your free 30 days trial is over, monthly subscription charges will be debited automatically.

Download Sling TV on your machine. If you are using iOS or Android device, download Sling TV app on it. Read more articles on rozyjos.

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