Redelivery: How Do I Schedule a USPS Redelivery?

Table of Contents Redelivery Redelivery: It is the world’s well known company that is into the delivery services. The United States Postal Service i.e. the USPS offers a service that allows people to get their package at home to schedule re delivery those who have missed their package. The same service reschedules the re delivery. Go for more information Redelivery.

USPS after delivering the package asks for a signature and if you are not available they won’t deliver the package. A peach colored slip is left at your place that indicates that they tried to deliver the parcel and same is not delivered. The service allows you as a customer to choose when you want the USPS to redeliver the same.

By simply scheduling the re delivery of a parcel with the USPS, you will get the package back at the time you want that is missed by you. The same will save a lot of your time and be you hassle free. It is always a big time issue that it takes a lot of time for a missed parcel but with this issue, the same can be done within minutes at the most of convenient time.

How can you request a redelivery of missed mail from the USPS online?

We are required with following:

  • A computer or a device that have an active access to the internet connection is required.
  • A peach colored slip that indicates you have missed a USPS delivery is also mainly needed.

Step By Step Guide

  • Switch on the computers in the manner you usually do.
  • When it is ready to use, click on the browser you want to work.
  • When now it gets opened, on the top of the page, on address bar, enter the address of USPS Redelivery page to visit the same. The link for same is
  • Now when it is required, enter all the details that are asked, the details that are asked are your name and address into the required fields and then enter the article number as it is written on your peach colored slip, as well as whether or not this is your final notice and when delivery was attempted.
  • Fill out the details like when you want your article to be redelivered do as directed and then click on the button marked “Submit”.

For more answers to the questions if you have any about the USPS Redelivery, you can visit the FAQ page at official website.

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