Royal Mail Redelivery Tracking

Table of Contents Royal mail is one of the well known solutions to deliver your parcels. If sometimes you have been annoyed by the way that Royal Mail tries to deliver a parcel and you are not at home, they leave one of those red cards saying that you have to go to a collection office somewhere far away. Here we will discuss on Royal Mail re delivery of post and their contact number.

The same now have an easy solution to the problem you might have faced ever. You as a receiver of the parcel can now go online and schedule when Royal Mail should deliver your parcel. The whole process is simple, easy and gets over within few minutes. The whole process is explained clearly below.

How Do You Track Royal Mail Redelivery?

We are required with the following:

  • Be sure that you must have a computer or any other device that gives you an active access to the internet connection is required.
  • When you have sent your delivery of your parcel for the first attempt, it must have said that “Sorry you were out card” present in the red color. The same is left by Royal Mail when delivery of your parcel.

Step By Step Guide

  • When you are about to start, switch on the computers in the manner you usually do.
  • When it has gone over all the loading, double click on the browser you are to work with.
  • On the address bar (present on the top) now, enter the address of Royal Mail Redelivery web page so as to visit their website. The link for the same is on the page now, click on the button that is marked with “Arrange Redelivery”.
  • On the website now, enter all the information that is required into the fields where it is required to. The information must have the information printed on the “Sorry you were out” card.
  • Now you must give the date of when the re delivery of the same must be done.
  • On the next step now, simply now choose if you want the re delivery of the same to be made on the same address at which the delivery was attempted previously or on to another address in the same post code.
  • At the next page now, you need simply to sit back and wait for your package to arrive.
  • For more answers to the questions if you have any, you can visit the Royal Mail Re delivery FAQ page at official website.

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