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Rakuten Login

www.Rakuten.com offers best deals and coupons to shoppers from online retailers in U.S., Canada, Korea and China. To manage your account you need to go with Rakuten Login. It has about 2,000 retailer partners who provide cash back offers and coupons. There are about 8 million ebate.com customers and the website takes care of coupon codes for the consumers. Rakuten apps are also available for iPhone, Android devices and iPad.

Rakuten Login

Rakuten also provides special cash back offers when you refer a friend. When you purchase at ebates.com with Rakuten cash back Visa credit card, you get extra 3% cash back and 1% cash back elsewhere Visa cards are accepted.

Join www.rakuten.com My Account

To avail Rakuten.com cash back offers, you have to join as a member at www.rakuten.com/sign-up. It is very easy and quick to join. Following given are the steps on how to join.

  1. Go to official website.
  2. Browse through the home page and go on the ‘Join Now’ displayed in green box in middle of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address and create your 6-12 characters password in the space provided. If somebody has referred to you, then you can click on the link ‘Did somebody refer to you?’ A new box will be displayed in which you have to enter your friend’s email address that referred you. Then click on the ‘Join Now’ button.

Once you have joined, you have to sign in to your account every time you want to shop and get advantage of cash back offers at www.ebates.com. You don’t have to earn points and redeem it or fill up a form and mail it. You straight get the cash back offer. When you shop through Rakuten.com, retailers pay to ebates.com, which in turn return to its customers as cash back. Follow the guidelines given below on how to shop and get cash back offers.

  • Go to www.rakuten.com
  • You can browse through a list of stores under the menu option ‘Stores’. There is other menu option such as double cash back store, hot deals, in-store cash back, luxury deals etc. Select the store from which you want to purchase and click on ‘Shop Now’.
  • Sign in to your member account with your email id and password.
  • Purchase the items you want and you will get the immediate cash back as specified.

Join at www.rakuten.com/Sign Up, shop at it, enjoy the great cash back offer and save considerably! You can also refer to friend, family or a coworker and earn cash! Rakuten Login is easy with give step by step guide.

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