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City of Chicago Water Bill Payments – Quick Pay Online

Pay Chicago water bills online: Every house has to pay bills for some basic services like water, gas, electricity etc. With fast life and busy schedule, it becomes difficult many times to go to the concerned offices and make payments. Chicago departments of revenue understand the difficulties of its citizens and allow citizens of Chicago to pay water bills online at their website with help of credit card. To avail the service, one has to make registration with the Chicago Department of Revenue website.

City of Chicago Water Bill Payments

The registration process is very easy and it takes a few minutes online. Once registered access and manage your account online through Chicago’s online water payments portal, pay your due water bills, view payment history, check account balance, and print payment receipts etc. at convenient time to you.

About Chicago Department of Revenue is the official website. Chicago department of Revenue is one of the government departments of Chicago and holds the responsibility for collecting City receivables and provides many customer services to Chicago citizens. It offers many online services that include paying for the parking ticket, red-light tickets and paying water bill, pay and file your taxes etc. It runs many programs and takes initiatives for education, consumer protection, environment preservation, health and wellness, freedom of information etc. for the benefits and welfare of its citizens. It also provides family support services and works towards betterment of its citizens.

How to Register To Pay Water Bill Online At Chicago Department of Revenue?


  1. You must be a citizen of Chicago.
  2. You must have a valid credit card to pay for your water bills online.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Chicago Department of Revenue website at, click on the quick links button “Pay Water Bill” to enter Online Water Payments Portal.
  2. Go on the “register now” and go through registration process.
  3. Select from the type of registration, to manage your personal account, check “individual profile” and click on the “continue” button.
  4. Create your User ID and password andprovide your personal information to complete registration process.
  5. Go to Online Water Payments Portal again, login to your account by entering your User ID and password and then you can pay water bill online with help of your credit card.
  6. If you want any further information, you can visit the Chicago’s Online Water Payments FAQ page.