Netflix Various Errors Code and Solutions

Netflix Various Errors Code

Netflix Various Errors Code and Solutions: One can find thousand of movies by creating account with Netflix and by getting subscribed with any of the plans, one can easily avail all the benefit of this service. But many times user faces problems or errors in accessing Netflix TV services. So here we get solutions for some Netflix error codes.

Netflix Various Errors and Solutions

Netflix is connected with numbers of network and other application so it may happen that you face some error while watching movies. So if you are facing any error you don’t need to worry as below is some of the solution for some of the error which you may come while watching movie.

Netflix Java Errors

Java is required to stream videos in your browser and when this java is disabled due to any of the problem then in that case you will find this error on your screen.

Some of the error which is related to java is “No bandwidth”, error code o which means that DRM file (Digital right management) is removed from your computer and you need to installed the same again as without this DRM file one cannot watch online movie via Netflix as this file protect computer from any illegal download and illegal sharing of movies DVDs.


You need to install the java from the java website at, there you just need to click the “Free Java Download” and once the installation of java is completed your error is removed and you can watch the movie without any disturbance.

Important point:
Remove the old version of java while installing the new java version for the security purpose. You should go to the control panel and there in the ADD or Remove Program ypu can click the remove icon to remove the old version of Java.

Netflix Code 277 error

This error occurs when Netflix is under any maintenance. As when the website is under any maintained PS3, Xbox360 and apple TV are affected and as a result this error will come on your screen:

Here you should keep on rebooting your device again and again and you can also visit to check whether Netflix is having any issue or problem.

Netflix Site Error

This error sometimes comes while login to Netflix and in order to remove this error one  just need to go to the Netflix homepage.

If wrong username and password error come there you need to check the spelling of the username and password and you can login to the home page of Netflix where they provide one service which will help you in getting the same back. So here we get solutions for some Netflix error codes.

Some of Today’s Netflix Error Codes

netflix error code

error n8156 4001

error n8101 106

error n8106 101

2105/ 600/ n8156 6013/ 100/ 200/ 20100/ n8106 106/ 300/ 1/ 2103/ n8101 106/
aip 701/ drm/ n8307/ n8156 4001/ n8151/ n8156 6003/ n8211/ n8106 151 12/ n8106 101/ n8106 152
r8307/ r8102 101/ r8151/ r1202/ r8211/ r3112 499/ r1211/ r8102 152/ r1206/ r3112 500
what does netflix error code n8307 mean/ output protection error
netflix error code 2105/ error code on xbox 360/ ps3/ wii

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