Netflix PS3: Streaming Disc Reviews and PS3 Streaming Issues

Netflix PS3 Streaming Disc Reviews and PS3 Streaming Issues

Netflix is very famous for its online movie rental service. One can find thousands of movies and other TV programs on Netflix. They keep on updating their site with new movies and with new TV programs so that users don’t lose their interest from Netflix.

At present, it has almost 17000 movies with more than 11 million subscribers. They also keep on launching new application and technology so that it becomes easy for one to watch online movies through the PS3 menu.

Review on Netflix PS3 Streaming Disc

On 9th November 2009, it has launched Netflix Streaming Disc for PS3. This application specially designed for the PS3 owners and PS3 users. This service doesn’t include any extra cost and it is very easy for one to get the same as Netflix mail their subscriber the free disc which helps them to watch the movies on the PS3.

The disc is designed in such a way that it uses Blu-ray BD-live function which helps in streaming movies on play station 3.

In order to have this Netflix PS3 streaming disc one just need to visit the official website at The cost for the Netflix PS3 streaming disc is $8.99 and no other further cost will be included and they will ship the disc on the fist come first served basis which is free of cost.

Once you received the disc you can easily avail the benefit of streaming numbers of films and TV episode on your PS3 as it can work on any existing PS3 with HD supports.

Important notes for Netflix Play station Network

• One need to have Blu-ray Disc which will be inserted in the player in order to work this application

• This application is very much famous as by today almost 100,000 discs has been sent and other numbers of  request are pending as the order for the disc are keep on coming

• On the Play station Network, one can easily access to the different game, movie TV and other media content completely free.

• The play station 3 is designed in such a way that it is 33% slimmer and 36% lighter and it can join the Xbox 360, TiVo DVRs and other some BD players and the PC

• One can have the benefit of HD but it has Max 720p resolution with stereo sound.

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