Medical Scientists: Except Epidemiologists Salary & Job Description

Medical Scientist Job Description

Medical scientist usually is a scientist who specifically works in the field of medicine. They conduct research work that deals with the understanding human diseases.They do clinical investigation related to diseases and do research and development work. People from various fields such as dentistry, medicine, public health, pathology, pharmacology can join as medical scientists. Medical scientists work on the principles of how the human body works and find new ways of treating diseases. They also develop advanced diagnostic tools and advanced techniques. Medical scientists work for the humanity and their work is aimed overall human welfare. Their work involves a great deal of research work and clinical trials. Here we will discuss on medical scientists except epidemiologists salary and job description.

Medical Scientist Job Description

Medical scientists work with health departments, physicians, pharmaceutical companies etc. They develop safety standards and work out public health improvement programs. They are also responsible for teaching various medical and laboratory procedures to physicians, technicians, residents etc. They do investigate cause, progress, life cycle, mode of transmission for various diseases and parasites. Medical scientists also develop methods of immunization and they do standardise drug dosages.

Medical scientists prepare samples of different organs, tissues and cells and analyse them in order to study cell structure. They also identify toxicity, bacteria or microorganisms in these samples. Medicals scientists use various equipment such as electron microscopes, chromatography systems, absorption spectrometers etc. to carry out research work.

It is the work of medical scientists to evaluate effects of various drugs, parasites, pesticides etc. at different levels. While doing all the research work and clinical trials, medical scientists have to be very cautious and follow strict safety measures in order to avoid any type of contamination.

Pros and cons of being a medical scientist

Career of a medical scientist is challenging. You always keep doing new things and it a very satisfactory job. You earn very good salary as a medical scientist. You also get recognition and fame and above all you work for the humanity as a whole.

The work of a medical scientist is very demanding on time and you get very less time for family and other things. You have to have long years of education and dedication. Sometimes, even you might get frustrated. You have to depend on funding for the research projects. Generally federal government is a major source of funding. Sometimes you might suffer from lack of funding and resources.


Usually medical scientists hold Ph.D. in biological sciences. Some of the doctors with M.D. degree also work as a medical scientist. Students who want to pursue a career as medical scientist takes bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry etc. and takes classes that includes physical and life sciences, communication skills etc. They have to publish their research findings and as such writing and communication skills are quite essential. On completion of bachelor’s degree, they go for Ph. D. programs. Few dual degree programs are also offered in which medical degree such as Medical Doctor (M. D.), Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) and Ph.D. is combined. P. Hd. Programs mainly focuses on research methodology whereas degree in medicine focuses on clinical skills. And so through dual degree program they learn both the clinical skills and research skills essentially needed for a medical scientist. Laboratory work is also a part of the curriculum. They have to take courses such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, medical ethics etc. Medical scientist often prefers to have postdoctoral degree. During postdoctoral work, they get valuable lab experience and get exposure to techniques such as gene splicing which has found tremendous applications in research projects.

Interest in discovering and inventing new things, passion to experiment and ability to take logical risks – are essential skills for becoming a medical scientist associated with hard work and determination.

To work as medical scientist, it is not required to get license, but if you have to work in clinical trials on patients, you have to get a license.

Medical Scientist Salary and career Prospects

Medical scientist earns good salary. The median income of a medical scientists is $76,980 with top 10% earn up to $150,000, whereas lower 10% earn $41,000. With more reliance and increased spending on medicine, demand for the medical scientist is likely to increase by 13% in the next 10 years.

New discoveries in medical sciences also open new frontiers for the medical scientists. You can work on research projects and come up with new discovery that can be a breakthrough for human welfare. You become a lifelong learner and sky is the limit.

If you are passionate about research work in medicine and love to do your best for the humanity, you can consider a career as medicals scientist. It is very rewarding and satisfactory.