Who Sings The Male Harmonies On The Netflix Series Midnight Mass?

The Midnight Mass soundtrack contains some famous rock songs that play throughout the early episodes, but those are then replaced by hymns.

Quite a bit changes as Midnight Mass’ story develops, from character traits to the overall direction of the series.

Much of those changes become obvious as time goes on, but one of the things that helps support the themes around the show is the fact that the music is altered as well.

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The full list of Soundtrack and Name of Singers in Midnight Mass is below:

• “And the Grass Won’t Pay No Mind” by Neil Diamond

• “Italian Holiday” by Pietro Paletti

• “Soolaimon” by Neil Diamond

“Saturday Morning” by Tom Chapin

• “Democracy” by Leonard Cohen (covered by the band at Crock-Pot Luck)

• “Bartender” by Dave Matthews Band (covered by a band at Crock-Pot Luck)

• “If You Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot (covered by a band at Crock-Pot Luck)

• “Holly Holy” by Neil Diamond

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