Jurassic Skyline Tower London: Weymouth Tower Rescue Operation 2017

Jurassic Skyline: 14 people trapped in Weymouth tower rescued by helicopter

Jurassic Skyline Tower London Rescue Operation 2017: 14 people were stuck up in the gondola of the Jurassic Skyline tower in Weymouth on Tuesday evening. They have been rescued by a coast guard helicopter. Among the 14 trapped, 13 were public members and one was a staff member. They were winched safely. If you want to check Jurassic Skyline Weymouth prices, opening times and phone number then visit official website.

Jurassic Skyline Weymouth prices

The attraction’s capsule broke down in the afternoon. Engineers tried to free the stuck Gondola, but failed. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue teams were called on to save the trapped in gondola, but they failed in their efforts. Firefighters also ascended the towers and provided reassurance to the trapped. The inclement weather made the rescue operations difficult. When all the efforts failed, helicopter was called. Finally, the coast guard helicopter could winch them safely at 7:30 pm.

Among the trapped were 11-week old baby too. They spent about seven hours in the capsule. The wind was whistling out and as weather was bad, the all trapped were claustrophobic and had horrendous experience. The arrangements were made for them to rest and provide support when they were brought down.

The operator of the Jurassic Skyline apologized for the inconvenience caused. According to him, the tower went through a mechanical failure which resulted in the brakes seizure too making the manual back-up system inoperable and they couldn’t lower the tower.

The skyline will remain closed on Wednesday. An investigation to find the cause for the stoppage is underway.

The skyline tower is 174 ft high and a festival pier attraction. It provides beautiful 360-degree view of coastline. Visitors come to take the skyline ride and enjoy the view up from the height.

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