Hyperoptic Fibre Plans 2019 – 150mb Broadband & Phone Plan Review

Hyperoptic 150mb Fibre Connection Broadband & Phone Plan Review

Hyperoptic Fibre Plans 2018-2019: Hyperoptic is a fibre-based high speed Internet Service Provider (ISP) in UK. It installs and maintains its own dedicated network and offers both broadband and phone services. The company is headquartered in West London. Hyperoptic provides 1 Gbps internet speed for the home users and is the only provider of its kind in UK. Moreover, it is the only fibre internet provider which offers FTTH connection meaning stable and fast connection with fibre directly to home. Here we will check 150mb Fibre connection broadband & phone plan reviews, promo code and best deals.

Hyperoptic Fibre Plans 2019

Hyperoptic fibre broadband Plans

Hypertonic offers several fibre broadband plans to suit everyone’s needs. The plans with promotional offers up to March 2017 are:

1 GB Fibre Broadband & Phone

It is a 12 month deal at £48 a month for 1 Gbps download as well as upload speed. After the 12 month deal, you will have to pay £63 a month. It comes with free installation worth £240. There is no data limit and the usage is unlimited.

100 Mb Fibre Broadband & Phone

This is also a 12 month deal at £28 a month with 100 Mbps download speed and equally fast upload. Afterward, you will be paying £38 a month. Installation and connection worth £240 is provided free. It comes with unlimited usage and is no data limit is there.

20 Mb Fibre Broadband & Phone

The plan is for 12 months at £18 a month and offers 20 Mbps download speed and upload speed of 1 Mb. Afterward, you will have to pay £25 a month. Installation and connections are provided free. Usage is unlimited usage and is there is no data limit.

If you want to cancel the plan, you can cancel it anytime. If you cancel it within 30 days of activation, there is not any cancelation charge. After that, you will have to pay cancellation fee as per the terms.

No contract plans as well as broadband plans are also offered.


  • You won’t get stuck with traffic jam, no throttling or any limits.
  • It delivers near to actual speed as claimed.
  • You can enjoy games and reality shows with no drop out.
  • It is compatible with all home devices such as TV, tablet, laptop, streaming devices, Smartphone and many more.
  • You can download content at unimaginable speed. 4K content can be downloaded in jut few minutes, HD movies in seconds and much more.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • You can order a plan online.

You can have awesome experience with ultra sound hyperoptic broadband. You can grab the promotional offer and be a proud user of the fastest ever hyperoptic fibre broadband network in UK!

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