Hurricane Florence Aftermath – Florence Damage Video and Photos 2018

Hurricane Florence Damage Video and Photos 2018

Hurricane Florence Damage Video and Photos 2018: Florence hurricane struck at 144 km/h in the United States on Thursday. Hurricanes caused 10 ft high waves in the sea, and 150 people were trapped in the storm. There is a possibility that only 38 million liters of water will be available in Carolina next week, electricity thaw in 4 lakh homes.

Florence Damage 3

The rescue team has undertaken the removal of all these people trapped in New Bern NC. Officials’ person said that due to hurricanes, the high waves could bounce even further. According to the NHC, on Thursday, the news level of the river has increased 11 feet in the same night. Rescue teams now refuse to let people leave their homes.

Carolina is the home of more than 54 million people in the East Coast, some of them are not migrating despite the warnings. President Donald Trump has been declared State Emergency in North and South Carolina and Virginia. Trump said that the federal government is fully prepared for the Florence. This hurricane is the most dangerous of the three forms of hurricanes in the Atlantic. Here we will check Florence Damage Videos.

Hurricane Florence Damage Video from Fox News

Damage Video from Associated Press

Brings down trees in Wilmington, N.C – Video from USA TODAY News

Florence storm surge at about 7 feet – Video from CBS This Morning

North Carolina businesses damaged – Video from Fox News

Jacksonville motel evacuated after roof torn off by Florence in North Carolina. Trapped 60 people saved in rescue operation. Currently, more than 12,000 people live in refugee shelters. When 4,15,000 houses and the business house were disrupted electricity supply.

Electricity supply disrupted in 1.5 lakh homes, submerging New Bern area. Before Florence storms, people were evacuated by predicting ‘life-threatening’ hurricanes in states including North-South Carolina.

Trees have collapsed due to heavy wind and rain. Not only is that, but many areas of North Carolina submerged. Especially in the waters of the New River, the area of New Bern has been submerged. Water is flooded up to 11 feet in many areas.

The flood situation due to a storm hit Thursday in Carolina due to late night on Thursday. The intensity of the storm was seen partially on Friday. However, the Authority has stated the possibility of having dangerous effects in the major areas of Carolina. Let’s check Hurricane Florence Damage Photos.

Florence Damage 2


Florence Damage 4

Florence Damage 5

Florence Damage 6

Due to hurricanes, may be the Carolina will have to stay without electricity until next October. The National Weather Service has warned of violations in different areas of North Carolina coast. Here people have appealed that they stay in the basement of the house or in the inner room.

Florence Tornado changed from Category to 4 to 1

According to the Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, the hurricane is moving at a slower pace so that the possibility of flooding and landslides will increase in the coming days. According to the Meteorological Department, hurricanes are moving towards Inland after North and South Carolina on Friday.

The sea level in the Carolina Coast is likely to rise by 11 feet, over three feet above the rain on Thursday night. At the start of Category 4 at the speed of the Florence speed was 225 km/h, which turned into category 1 late on Thursday night.

According to one estimate, the biggest impact of Florence hurricanes will be in North Carolina. The Authority has so far moved 17 million people to the Immigration and Consulate in Virginia and Virginia. However, the number of people who have taken this warning seriously took place is not clear.

All the cities on the coast of Carolina have been largely evacuated. Similarly, the school and business houses have also been closed in Georgia. Power supply in 156,800 houses in North Carolina has been disrupted. 12,000 people live in the Shelter House.

The most affected hurricanes include Beaufort, Cartridge, Craven, Onslow, Palco, and Pender Cities. According to Officials, an estimated 3 million people are without electricity. In South Carolina, 4 lakh people were evacuated, out of which 4 thousand people are currently in Refugee Camp. 400 people are in the Shelter House of Virginia.

Closure of Police Service, Risk on Nuclear Plant

Due to the storm, police service in Morehead city has been closed. Due to heavy winds driving here becomes difficult. Florence is currently moving towards Inland, on its way there are 6 US nuclear power plants. The federal agency claimed to have protected the nuclear plant from hurricanes. However, experts have expressed full fears of the risk to the power plant.

According to experts, the impact of the Florence hurricane will last until Sunday.

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